Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming elaborates on China’s defensive national defense policy

People’s Network London, February 9 (Reporter Li Wenyun) Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming recently delivered a speech entitled “China is a Peace and Stabilization Force in Asia” at the Royal Institute of International Studies, which comprehensively elaborated on China Asian and neighboring foreign policy. In answering questions from the audience, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming elaborated on the defensive nature and peaceful nature of China’s national defense policy on how to treat China’s military spending growth. He said, first, China has a vast territory with a land area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers. 40 times, it is 25 times that of Japan, and the military expenditure is only twice that of the British and Japanese military. China has 14 terrestrial neighbors, 8 maritime neighbors, and several neighbors in Britain and Japan. China has 22,000 kilometers of land boundary line and 32,000 kilometers of coastline. The Chinese military shoulders an arduous task in safeguarding national security.

Second, China’s military growth is in line with China’s economic and social development level and national defense needs. Over the past 30 years, China’s economy has maintained an average annual double-digit growth, while the proportion of defense budgets to GDP has been declining year by year. At the same time, China’s per capita military expenditure is the lowest among the big countries, accounting for only 1/2 of the United States, 1/9 of the United Kingdom, and 1/5 of Japan. From the level of military per capita military expenditure, China only accounts for 1/10 of the US and 1/5 of Japan. It can be seen from the above numerical comparison that China’s military spending growth is moderate.

Third, China’s external environment is more complex and its overseas interests are growing. More and more Chinese trading partners have surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest trading nation, and concerns about the safety of maritime passages are on the rise. China not only attaches importance to and actively participates in UN peacekeeping operations, but also provides naval escorts to Chinese and multinational commercial vessels in the Somali waters.

Fourth, China’s military transparency has continued to increase. China publishes a national defense white paper every two years and comprehensively and systematically introduces China’s national defense policy and national defense construction. In addition, China’s national defense budget is submitted to the National People’s Congress for deliberation every year and is made public. Those who question the transparency of China’s military are advised to read these reports.

Fifth, China’s nuclear strategy is the most transparent. China is the only country among the nuclear powers that promises not to use nuclear weapons first and not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

Sixth, China adheres to the path of peaceful development and opposes hegemonism, which has been clearly written into the Chinese Constitution. China has never occupied an inch of land in other countries and has no military base overseas. China’s national defense policy is completely defensive and peaceful.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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