Chu Chu pushes the partner to consult Xu, Chu Chu pushes to find Xu teacher

Chu Chu pushes the advantage show: six advantages to escort!

1. Capital crocodile joint attack: Tencent investment, following Softbank in Alibaba, the only e-commerce investment, Lenovo, GGV, The new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of tens of billions.

2. Business model subversive innovation, mass entrepreneurship and profitable platform: no need to stock, no delivery, no after-sales, ultra-low threshold, super high income, real consumption is to make money, share is profit, Move your fingers and enter the moon.

3. The first platform of the intelligent platform: powerful system support, the ultimate convenience, the industry’s top product promotion experience.

4. The big names are gathered, and the categories are rich: 5000 high-quality brands, 300,000 selected products, top-selling buyers all over the world, primary sources, genuine guarantees, sales commissions as high as 20%-80%.

5. Imagine seven-star shopping protection: all goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve the protection left to you, the risk left to me. This shopping concept.

6. Top team in the industry: professional team, rich experience, core executives from Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other well-known Internet companies and top micro-business brand traders.

Ultra-strong brand supply chain

Chuchu pushes platform to connect with 5000+ famous brand suppliers worldwide, and optimizes more than 300,000 of the most cost-effective primary sources, eliminating intermediate links and directly The billion-level advertising fee will be given to customers and VIP shopping guides, realizing zero-distance docking between factory goods and customers, and no middlemen will make a difference.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, escort the user’s promotion and purchase experience. Chu Chu push, is a social e-commerce platform to promote Chu Chutong goods, through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, to create a business through the promotion of goods, create a community to obtain rich income platform. Excellent VIP shopping guides sign directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

VIPVIP Shopping Guide VIP Shopping Guide

VIP Shopping Guide

299 yuan of self-selected products in the mall to become a VIP shopping guide

Effective VIP (Mall Inside the consumer rebate accumulated more than 10 yuan)

1, entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member reward 100 yuan (WeChat cash withdrawal seconds)

2, sales commission: enjoy shopping 20 %-80% commission, self-purchase to save money, promote to make money

Upgrade Director

VIP shopping guide direct push 10 people + team total number of people reached 60 (sales commission accumulated more than 10 yuan) You can be promoted to the director

1. Basic salary: This part of the income is reflected in the company’s OA system. The monthly salary is issued on the 5th of the next month.

2. Entrepreneurship package commission: Recommend a member Reward 150 yuan

4, Director’s Entrepreneurship Package Commission: Everyone else invites a VIP to get 50 yuan

5. Sales commission: enjoy 20%-80% commission for shopping, from Buy money, promote money.

6. Team Management Award: The monthly per capita income of the team is greater than 2,000 yuan, which rewards 20% of the total sales commissions of all VIPs in the team. More than 1000 yuan less than 2000 yuan, reward 16%. Less than 1000 yuan, reward 12%

7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Tencent strategic investment e-commerce platform, Global social e-commerce platform, the preferred platform for mass entrepreneurship! It is also a shopping or online shopping. Do you choose to be a consumer or a consumer?

Save yourself and save money, save 20%–80%

Sharing money, earning 20%–80%

Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can achieve Dreams

[Chu Chu push] Tencent E-commerce platform welcomes you!!!

2018 absolute power mode!

Strategic investment by Tencent! The Chu Chu push, Chu Chu Street, Chu Chu Tong belong to a company! The company has strong background! 2000 technical team! Absolutely safe and long-lasting platform! The second Taobao e-commerce!

Just 299 shopping to become VIP , share one earn 100, share 10 people team to 60 people, take the umbrella team to see everyone 50, low investment and high return!

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Chu Chu push, earn every day, free to download APP to become a VIP member! Let’s make money makers together Download the Chu Chu push app together!

Chu Chu push||-Boge brings you millions of years

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