Class city water purifier investment operations essential for success

Speaking investment operations, many people first thought is certainly the activities of manufacturers, in fact not the case, along with a number of powerful investors to choose the second tier cities and some regional agency, senior agents to quickly create their own product channels, Merchants will also take mode to enhance the overall sales of their own region. The influence of the industry maturing and competition and other factors, channel operating costs rising, conditions will be rising, senior agent for the water purifier of any single investment promotion are difficult to play an immediate effect. “From an operational level agent investment above the level of the water purifier is concerned, in order to succeed must grasp the following key elements.” Is responsible for the case said. First, the planning and positioning a good plan can foresee the future prospects for development, when it comes to planning a lot of people might say this is easy, as the slogan-like play, in fact, good planning must be based on the actual situation, to combine their resources to set; blind exaggerated self will lead to “puffiness” and eventually hard to get lower-level dealers who agree. About water purifier brand positioning, it becomes even more important, it requires both brand positioning and brand positioning in line with their own development combine; because the brand positioning involves the following four core issues: What kind of feed sales channels the most successful security? Select the number of home water purifier vendor is the most reasonable? How many stores are open channels to maximize market share? What kind of open standard water purifier store is to maximize the benefits? Second, water purifier brands to choose what kind of business model that links the main package can tell you what the next level dealers to sell, to whom, how profits and other issues. In the early stages of development, as long as water purifier manufacturers play a different brand names and unique products, it is equivalent to the completion of the water purifier brand packaging business model. The second stage of the water purification industry packaging business model is: brand name + product + store image. With the development of the industry, business model packaging is becoming increasingly important, if the manufacturer does not pay attention to this issue, it will directly into a high degree of homogeneity of product and price competition in the mire. Accurate positioning business model will have the same idea with your dealer will be accessible to the words, it will become the stage philosophy dealers have to choose the brand of a fixed target. Such as Germany Bin it is selling water purifier brand awareness, corporate power, marketing ability and cost-effective. Third, the water purifier brand hype saying goes: “No movement is not marketing, not no hype brand.” This is marketingLong-lasting change in the law. From the above municipal perspective, water purifier dealers is the consumer. Well, from the consumer’s point of view, it must make a choice has experienced such a mental process: 1 contact; 2, attention; 3, to understand; 4, familiar; 5, confirm; 6, select. We usually put the investment independently to look, then it is often only water purifier dealers in the fifth and sixth aspects of efforts: desperately sales efforts in policy or personnel above short-term visits, if not the brand itself fame or reputation of the business is concerned, this investment is often very little benefit. From the perspective of brand hype, let the water purifier dealer contacts, and then be interested in following our brand, so the usual publicity and hype the event is essential; regularly stir up some profession or industry events that will make a lot of industry potential customer base unconscious with their own brand initial communication. Fourth, the water purifier market model of so-called model driven market, sales performance is important, but not the only indicator. Water purifier market model must be able to reflect the characteristics of their own. Because the performance of the index at any time may become, a change in the market environment, the performance will change. So, above the level of water purification agents should focus their limited resources it is necessary to focus on the bombing may have made some bright spots in the market. Then there is the policy platform by industry hype and publicity out, so the market model has truly fulfilled its overall mission. Fifth, conference marketing investment will be mainly referring to detonate. Comes to investment will be, a lot above the level of water purification agents believe that the investment will be very important, if successful investment will be able to hire lower-level dealers. I think this is a misunderstanding on the understanding of the real investment success is not how successful investment conference there, but because to do your homework before meeting the investment led to its success. If you do the above five steps, I believe above the level of water purification agents able to hire their own ideal of lower-level dealers, in order to establish a sound distribution channels, to create a strong regional brand.

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