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What is the D9 Club!

Many people ask me if you have any risk in doing this project for the D9 Club. I often smile and answer, in today’s society, what can be done to ensure that there is no wind? Indeed, When we can control the risk of a business, I think we can still try it. It is said that the three most valuable words in the world are ~ try it!

Why do we choose D9 today, it should be said that everyone has their own criteria and position to choose the project. Then the Internet industry has been playing for 10 years, so I have a little experience today. . .

From the initial ignorance, I was deceived a lot of hard-earned money, and now I have earned my life from the Internet project. I have my own team and let my parents live what they want. The life I have, this is my most happy thing.

So today I know gratitude, thanks to all the people and projects that have made me suffer, because they let me grow. I am also grateful to the people who helped me on this road. They made me feel warm. It is because there are many expensive people on the road. Therefore, I understand the importance of helping others. I have been looking for opportunities to understand Internet projects and want to The market leaders who have gained in this wave of wealth, the future market leaders will work together, and the wealth will gather together to create a better future.

Following the above topic, each person’s perspective on the project is different. For me today, the first thing I look at is the safety factor. That is to say, any project has risks. What I have to do is to comprehensively evaluate the operability of a project with my accumulated experience of more than 10 years, or to say that it is not safe. Only in the case of project safety, consider in-depth investigation!! There are never shortages of projects in the market. Many players often choose a project to consider whether it is fast or not. In fact, projects with too much bubble tend to fall too fast. In the end, they lose themselves and their own team! It is worth the loss! I believe If you let a friend who has lost money re-select a project, I believe that friends will be like me, the first consideration is the safety factor of the project, not the money is not fast!!

D9 this project abroad It has been running very steadily for several months and has a market base. The most important thing is that the founder of the D9 club has a professional football sports competition team, the boss’s experience over the past 13 years, participate in betfair, the daily return on investment is 6%-12%, generally 8% average, the winner each hand Part of the profit is 5%, which means that there is a daily return on investment of 1% to 7%, and the average daily return is 3%. The D9 Club promises to the members a bonus, a static return of 391%, and a dynamic development market of up to 100%, that is, the total annual return on investment is 500%, as long as the daily return rate of 1.37% can be achieved. This rate of return is lower than the D3 club boss’s average annual return of 3% over the past 13 years. It is basically safe and reliable. In other words, if there are no low-level mistakes and other special accidents, the bonus can be allocated.

Another point that we do a lot of projects is to make money, so a powerful bonus system is equally critical to the selection and validation of a project!!

Is investing in d9 clubs safe?

As D9 projects grow and grow, more and more members are already making money. The money in the member account will be more and more. In order to protect the security of our funds, from today, our transfer and withdrawal will increase the verification of a security facility AUTHY. AUTHY is an internationally recognized security facility. As the door god, D9 company has to pay for this. With this verification, the money in our account will be safer, and the company will be more and more perfect. But we need to download and install authy’s app in our own bound phone, then select AUTHY in the SECURITY option in the D9 account, and fill in the bound phone number to connect. Each time the withdrawal or transfer, the system will send a verification code to the AUTHY on the bound mobile phone through the AUTHY system. The verification code is changed every 16 seconds, which increases the security of the funds. But first we must learn to download and install the AUTHY app. We will send out relevant information for everyone to learn.

The d9 project is very simple. After the investment, it will return to the fixed dividend of 170 US dollars every week, and return the principal in three months! The remaining nine months of accumulated return dividends are all earned! Return to 52 weeks to go out! This is a Brazilian gaming investment. We don’t participate in gambling! We just invest in financial management, don’t participate in gambling, and have an opportunity to turn around!

1. Feasibility/safety analysis of the project

[D9’s hematopoietic function]

*Betfair trading in Betfair, London, UK

*Gambling Trader Professional Training School

*Growing money through global Bitcoin

*D9 International Marketing Network

2, [D9’s Control Mechanism]

*Three-month and one-week return period

*Cumulative currency diversification, timeliness

*Deducted $50 network maintenance fee per month

*Withdrawal is subject to a 5% fee

* After 52 weeks, the original position will be re-submitted

*If you meet the conditions, you can redeem it.

*Even if you don’t recommend people, you can make money.

[D9 Legitimacy]

*Brazilian legally registered husband

*Conforms to the Internet Convention

3, [D9 International]

Currently 77 countries are connected, on YouTube, the world’s largest video site. A lot of video introductions about D9 projects. The rate of praise is extremely high. The company’s reputation is excellent.

4, [D9 reliability / initiative / advantage]

*Strong old company = rich marketing experience

*New project = Global integration of legal platforms

*International market, 77 countries online

*Strong physical hematopoietic function

*Strict control mechanism

*Legal global operations on the Internet

*Directly earning dollars instead of earning points

*Receiving Visa cash cards

*Withdrawals available Full withdrawal

*One person can open multiple accounts

*The original point can be used to replenish the difference

*Weigh the dividends every week, see the money fast, return to this fast

D9 Club Bonus System 1. Order: $50, monthly online learning consumption, referred to as monthly fee; Entrusted bets 340 points, about $1996 (fluctuating according to the bitcoin exchange rate, the dollar will fluctuate, now $2,208), the time limit is 52 weeks, after 52 weeks, you can re-bet at the original point; one can entrust bets to countless hands, Subordinate to different points. At present, the total amount of one-handed orders is $2,258.

2, betting static rebate (weekly salary): 340 points, according to Bitcoin as the trading benchmark electronic currency, settlement according to the US dollar, the US dollar and the bitcoin exchange rate often fluctuate, according to the project launch time when the caliber is 1996 dollars, Now $2,208. A weekly rebate of 50%, which is 340X50% per week = $170, a commissioned bet can be returned for 52 weeks, 170X52 = $8,840. The return on investment is 8840/2258X100%=391%.

3, direct push award (daily salary): 50%. Example: 340 points X50%=170 US dollars

4, direct push award team commission (daily salary)

Level commission ratio direct push award day team direct push award commission (US$) /p>

2 3% 170 5.1

3 2% 170 3.4

4 2% 170 3.4

5 1% 170 1.7

6 1% 170 1.7

7 1% 170 1.7

5, static rebate team commission (weekly salary):

generation commission ratio week Static rebate (US$) Weekly team rebate (US$)

1 5% 170 8.5

2 3% 170 5.1

3 3% 170 5.1

4 2% 170 3.4

5 1% 170 1.7

6 1% 170 1.7

6, monthly repeat consumption team commission (monthly salary)

Retirement rate in monthly reimbursement (US$) Month re-depletion commission (US$)

1 10% 50 5

2 7% 50 3.5

3 7% 50 3.5

4 6% 50 3

5 6% 50 3

6 4% 50 2

7, Double Track Balance Team Development Award (Day)

According to the total number of points in the community, 40% commission, the community has no performance threshold, the regional performance Retain for fifty-two weeks;

1:1 performance balance to the award, only to assess the performance of the community;

high dialing ratio: according to the community currency 6.8% commission (experience estimate);

No capping restrictions, depending on how much your dynamic cell has a daily turnover.

8, the level of physical awards

Community performance:

Captain 6800 points, presented a high-class watch;

coach 17,000 points, Give 6+ Apple mobile phone;

Convener 34,000 points, one international luxury cruise ticket;

Manager 170,000 points, one international air ticket:

The conductor is 340,800, and a Honda car is given;

Director 680,000 points, giving a Corolla or Honda Civic car;

Vice President 1,000,000 points, presented Mercedes-Benz or BMW One car;

President, 2,300,000 points, a Land Rover.

Up to the highest level, all levels of physical awards are available.

Don’t be in kind, you can redeem a currency prize of the same value.

Good projects can’t be met: If you also see this business opportunity and understand this project, then you can find me to understand the phone Weixin: QQ9968134 invites to join, cooperate with the Chinese market!

Many friends have asked me, is there any risk in doing this project? I ask, what project is risk-free? Indeed, we only need to control the risk and avoid this risk to the maximum extent. I think we still You can go to participate! The D9 club starts relatively low, and $50 can run this business. I think in today’s society, wherever you go to eat a meal or K songs, I don’t know how to spend 50 dollars. But today on the D9 platform, we can start a million-dollar business with $50!! Friends, the opportunity is in front of the election.Choose to move on or wait and see?

D9 Club Top 8 Highlights 1, Powerful Hematopoietic Capability: This Project It is not pure play funds, he is actually trading on the sports exchange. Member backstage, daily trading videos are announced. After the company’s real profit, dividends are given to members. Unlike virtual currency, there is no profit, no blood, other dividends, and many are just a concept.

2, the authenticity of the project: Unlike many domestic brands, the name of the foreign company, please some actors, the actual is the domestic network opened. This company really started in 30 countries. All over the five continents!!!

3, the international market is hugely advanced: there is no other team professional operation in China. There are less than 100 members in the country! We invite all major teams to dock! D9 is very good news, yesterday the company officially replied: When there are 500 people in China, or up to 2 months will open a Chinese language organization website.

4, network team promotion advantages: new members register themselves and then online recharge automatically activated, D9 docked a third-party recharge platform, so each person directly registered to pay to the company, no intermediary, capital security, and facilitate network fast Promote the replication team!

5, project continuity and late explosive power: D9 dividend disk compared to the already popular split disk advantage! The advantage is that the people in front are equal to the people who join later, which is conducive to team development. Create enough time for the capable people to develop the team and enjoy the dynamic benefits. Thousands of tens of thousands of people in the day, which project is not due to team income.

6, high-yield and low-risk: weekly fixed dividends, quick return, no return to the highest annual dividend of 4 times! No freezing period, can be fully cashed out! Local leaders hold investment conferences. September 15 South Korea, October 23 Italy, October 30 Africa Uganda, November 26 Poland. In December, will it be China, just look at the partners!

8, D9 club to the material award, the world has issued 5 BMW 5 Series car awards! Land Rover Auto Award is about to be born, China The market has just started, you will be the first car award winner!???

Brazil D9 Club China District first docking system God of War system, violent docking!!

D9 Club truly international market stable operation in the first batch of market leaders in 38 countries.

D9 Club Newsletter WeChat :QQ9968134

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