“Dare to make the future, enjoy the world” – Rococo class graduation design opening

In the hot summer of June, it is another year of graduation. After four years of study and training, the first Rococo class of Beijing City College officially graduated in June this year. On the morning of June 20th, Beijing City College 2018 Rococo class graduation design exhibition officially landed in Beijing Sanlitun · Beiqi Auto Showroom.

The theme of this exhibition is "Create· “Creation refers to the dreams and inspirations of students in the design and creation of the students; “Let’s use the opportunity of Luo Ke & middot; Rococo Innovation Design Institute and Beijing City College to cooperate with the school and enterprise, truly theoretical study and design practice Perfectly linked together.

Graduation design products based on “Intelligence” include smart home, smart office, outdoor products, healthcare, smart travel and other design categories. All product prototypes have completed sound, light, electricity, interaction, etc. Functionalized implementation. Dare to challenge, advancing with the times is Rococo’s educational approach. Graduates have implemented four years of learning results into an excellent graduation exhibit, creating a creative design world that dares to create.

Part of the graduation exhibition exhibits:

The leading guests at the exhibition are: Rococo Innovation Partner of Design Group, Chief Operating Officer of Luo Ke Co-founder Zhou Zhipeng; Luo Ke & middot; Founder and Dean of Luo Keke Innovation Design Institute Wang Xiaodan; General Manager of Jia Wei Design Consultant, Luo Ke & middot; Associate School of Rococo Innovation Design Institute Mr. Meng Mengzhi; Director of the Information Department of Beijing City University; Zhang Jinhua, Director of the Industrial Design Department of Beijing City College, and many other college leaders; and dozens of Rococo students and students who love design gather in the exhibition hall to witness the 2018 Beijing City College Rococo (www.lkkdesign.com) class graduation exhibition design results report for four years.

Originated from Jia Wei, founder of Rococo Innovation Design Group, I hope to bring the most advanced design concepts into colleges and universities, and based on the spirit of innovation and exploration of Rococo and the Beijing City College of Information Science, the two sides work together. It took only half a year to fully implement the Rococo class.

Luo Ke & middot; Dean of the Rococo Innovation Design Institute, Wang Xiaodan talked about the original intention of the founding, said that on the basis of the solid technology and discipline of Beijing City College, the innovative design concept and enterprise thinking of Rococo will be introduced to the higher level. Education; at the same time, based on the concept of running a practical talent, we invite the first-line design director and designer team within the Rococo Group to conduct professional practical teaching on the Rococo class; and introduce commercial projects into the classroom to let students understand the design of commercial projects in advance. The actual solutions and processes have a pre-emptive understanding of their career development, thus completing the “zero transition” of design students from college to enterprise. In the end, President Wang also humorously compared the cooperation of colleges and universities to the cooperation of the final 500 meters.

Teacher Wang Xiaodan, Dean of Rococo Innovation Design Institute, took the stage to speak

The design talent training, the school-enterprise cooperation model’s feelings and significant advantages, Zhang Jinhua, director of the Industrial Design Teaching and Research Section of Beijing City University, said that due to the professional nature of industrial design, it is very important to be closely linked with the company and practice. From the student’s point of view, you can get professional guidance from the frontline designers of the enterprise; be able to get in touch with the real working status of the designer, know the designer’s job ability requirements in advance; get the opportunity to participate in the enterprise design project, learn how to think in the project Inspire the enthusiasm of learning, enhance professional confidence, and quickly improve their professional ability. From the school, school-enterprise cooperation, production and education integration can innovate the student training model; at the same time, on the basis of two-way selection, it is also convenient for enterprises to train and select outstanding design talents.

When the graduate representative Li Zefeng delivered a speech, he reported to the leaders about his entire growth experience in design, how to grow from a white to a professional designer, and successfully joined Rococo Innovation. The design group participated in the work; it also described how Rococo led the classmates to participate in large-scale exhibitions and broaden their horizons during the four years of Rococo classes; participated in actual combat projects, integrated theory with actual combat, accumulated experience; The exterior design competition has won numerous awards. Finally, I sincerely expressed my gratitude to the Beijing City College and Rococo Innovation Design Group for training and teaching.

At present, there are two students in Rococo class, the first Luo Ke & middot graduated in 2018; among the 48 students of Rococo Innovation Design Institute (www.lkker.com), many students have won design works. International Design Award K-DESIGN Silver Award and Excellence Award, China Design Red Star • Original Awards and other top domestic and international design awards more than 10, more than 20 awards. After graduating, some students joined the Rococo Group, and many students went to Japan or Australia to study in higher education institutions or choose to stay in China to continue their studies.

Beijing City College students have won numerous domestic and international design awards

So far, come on! Dear students from Rococo class! In the future after June, let us stand tall and move forward together to achieve ourselves and perform an exclusive song of youth design!

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