D&G Dolce & Gabbana Do you really understand Chinese chopsticks? The same is why the video is so different?

On November 21st, everyone was screened by the Western international clothing brand Dolce & Gabbana (Chinese name "Douglas Banna") "Insults to the door", and many of the original The stars who participated in the brand event have come out to boycott the brand, and this move has further heated the incident.

D&G Gambling Event Video

D&G Gambling Event Video Screenshots

D&G Insults Huamen Event Video Screenshot

Let Xiaobian take everyone to review this D&amp After the outbreak of the G incident, the female models in the D&G advertising video were artificially crafted, and the delicate eyeliners, the exaggerated movements, and the narration continued to ridicule the Chinese people’s use of chopsticks. The most stereotyped impression of Asians! When the video was released that night, it caused strong dissatisfaction with the participating stars, and even the star issued a microblog statement on the night to cancel the contract with D&G. The netizens also praised the message, indicating that the national interest is above all else, and fully support the cancellation of the stars.

Wang Junkai Studio Releases Disclaimer

Di Lieba Studio Releases Disclaimer

User’s message under the cancellation statement

At the same time, it makes people more The big news is that CCTV also released a documentary about chopsticks last night. The content of the feelings and touches caused a lot of comments from netizens. This video was praised by Chinese netizens as “the most advanced response”.

CCTV documentary screenshots

CCTV documentary screenshots

CCTV documentary screenshots

Netizens responded enthusiastically to CCTV documentary

In addition, the Chinese Communist Youth League Central Committee, Xinhuanet and many Internet media people also targeted D&G The incidents have all expressed their opposition to D&G. Up to now, the D&G brand has been completely banned in China, and all major e-commerce platforms have been removed. Some offline stores are also evacuating packaged goods.

Youth League Central Weibo Statement

Xinhuanet Weibo Statement

All D&G products under the Tmall platform

Among the many resistances, we found a new generation of technology in Sichuan The company is very concerned about this incident. The founder of this company, Wei Liang, is a US doctor of returnees medicine. The company’s first product is also “Chopsticks”.

The public number of the company called "嗨米科技" wrote: " Only people with ingenuity can use chopsticks, IQ is the basis of chopsticks; chopsticks are national culture The inheritance of civilization and the continuation of civilization, Chinese people have used chopsticks since ancient times, which is enough to illustrate the vitality of Chinese civilization. As the CCTV documentary commented, chopsticks pinpoint the Chinese people’s feelings, and the ruthless and unrighteous people cannot understand it; the Chinese know the same. Advancing with the times, we know how to use technology to give chopsticks more content. " It can be understood from these statements why Dr. Wei Liang is obsessed with chopsticks, not only for the chopsticks themselves, but more importantly for the social responsibility of Chinese historical culture. I think such a company with patriotism will definitely go further.

In order to deeply understand the views of the company, and to further understand the chopsticks culture, Xiaobian specially visited the company and conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Wei Liang.

undeniable,Facing the defamation of chopsticks and Chinese culture in D&G video, the content released by the 嗨米科技 public is a strong response to the D&G incident, and it also makes Xiaobian feel the strong patriotic feelings of Dr. Wei Liang and The love of Chinese traditional culture.


in history On the Chinese side, chopsticks used to solve the problem of eating. Now, for Wei Liang, chopsticks have been given more meaning. In addition to cultural inheritance, we need to ensure that we use it. Health and safety when using chopsticks. That is what he emphasized: “Chinese people know how to keep up with the times, and they know how to use technology to give chopsticks more meaning. The so-called people eat food for the sky. Chopsticks are closely related to our daily life. It is the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Since the diet tool ". This is also why the first product of Demi Technology chose to make chopsticks. But what kind of material is chosen for chopsticks is the safest? Through a lot of experiments, chopsticks made of bamboo, metal, melamine plastic can not meet the extreme requirements of Dr. Wei. After in-depth research, Dr. Wei found chopsticks. Excellent choice of materials – PAS (PPS.PPSS.PASK, etc.) aerospace grade polymer materials. The material is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and superior durability. Chopsticks made from PAS food grade headings are resistant to high temperatures, acids and alkalis, mildew, and no harmful substances. With this material, the health of the Chinese fingertips is finally guaranteed.

Dr. Wei Liang uses his own income to learn to create a pair of Chinese chopsticks. Use technology to lead a healthy life and contribute a little to the health industry.


In the face of companies like D&G, we I can forgive each other’s ignorance, but I can’t forgive them for their arrogance and prejudice. We are developing rapidly in China. If companies like D&G are still in the stage of pity and charity, please recognise China again! Chopsticks are Inheritance of Chinese culture, glutinous rice technology will also be devoted to popularizing healthy chopsticks to more people. It is understood that glutinous rice technology will launch a series of public welfare activities to let more people know that chopsticks should have a new day. The health connotation. I believe that in the near future, we will see technology companies like 嗨米科技, which not only can make chopsticks with cultural heritage meaning to the extreme, but also give it the elements of technology and health. Our culture is destined to make the world pay attention. !

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