DJ police Shibuya became famous

Tokyo does not seem to have a fixed traffic command service, and the Japanese police will use the police whistle in addition to catching the bad guys. 哔”, the general service especially loves to use loudspeakers and repeats hundreds of moral persuasion.
The first time I noticed this incident was to attend the fireworks meeting in the suburbs of Tokyo. Before coming out of the station and breathing fresh air, I have already heard the police broadcast: There are many people at the fireworks meeting, please polite, please walk by, please go to the venue. About five or six kilometers from the station to the venue, they held small loudspeakers, one by one, and repeated similar lines.
The megaphone that the Japanese police like to use is actually not much quieter than the whistle. In particular, police cars and fire trucks drive all the way, and the car whistle sounds plus their live broadcasts. In the execution service, please give way, the white car in front, please lean over, hear someone talking at night, and easily start the brain switch, which is very disturbing.
However, the broadcast dialogue does have its effect. On the 4th of last month, the Japanese football team kicked the night of the World Cup, and the police’s broadcast dredging made great achievements.
In addition to the Shibuya station in previous years, fans gathered to watch the game through the big screen. No matter how the Japanese team won or lost, there were many riots. This night, the Japanese police rarely pulled up the control line and sent the police of the Guangbao Branch to the heights and shouted to the fans: “Whoever wears the Japanese team jersey, you are the twelfth person, please cooperate. ”“Please, like the Japanese team, keep the team spirit and move towards the station. “There was a young man leaning on a car that couldn’t move. The policeman said, “This behavior is going to give a yellow card.” ” even said, “The police do not want to lose temper on this good day.” His shouts cut the hearts of the fans, and the duty film was madly reposted, winning the title of “DJ Police”. The police officer was later awarded the Director’s Award by the Metropolitan Police Department to know that he was the winner of the Police Broadcasting Technology Competition.

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