Do you know when the water purifier should replace the filter?

March 22~28 is the 32nd “China Water Week”. In view of the pollution problems that may occur during the transportation of tap water from the water plant to the home, many neighborhoods install water purifiers at the terminals. According to the survey data, more than 75% of households change filters are not standardized. Experts reminded the neighborhood, which is equivalent to attracting pollution sources to the household, suggesting that the neighborhood should be replaced regularly according to the instructions.
The relevant staff of the city water company told reporters that the water quality of the factory is different from the water quality of the faucet end of the public. For example, the water quality of the Nanzhou water plant meets the EU direct drinking water standard, but during the transportation process, the construction and secondary water supply The rust of the facility pipeline often causes secondary pollution and affects the terminal water quality. The lack of maintenance of the secondary water supply facilities jointly owned by the community owners is one of the reasons for the difference.

The reporter found that water purification products have become the standard of more and more families, and some community developers directly install large water purifiers to provide direct drinking water to residents’ homes. However, one situation that is easily overlooked by the neighbors is that the water purifier is different from the traditional home appliances. The water purification products have higher requirements and dependence on the after-sales service because of the consumable properties of the filter element and the safety of the water quality directly related to health.

At the weekend in Haizhuguangda Garden, there was a neighborhood telling reporters, “When to change the filter element” “Is the water quality after purification clean?” “When the water purifier ages, there is a safety hazard” Water purifiers are time-consuming and labor-intensive, how to maintain them, etc., which has become a major problem that currently plagues residents.

The director of water purification in a domestic water purifier brand told reporters that the survey user data shows that the neighborhoods aged 45 and older almost all think that the water purifier filter does not need to be replaced; the 35-45-year-old neighborhood Only 25% will replace the filter element regularly. Once the pipe network is rusted, it will often be less than half a year, and the filter element will be dirty. These filters will breed bacteria after the service life. If the filter is not changed, it will lead to pollution sources. The neighborhood should be replaced regularly according to the instructions.

Recommended replacement

Different types of filter cartridges have different usage times. For example, the PP polypropylene meltblown filter is recommended to have a replacement cycle of 6 months, the granular activated carbon filter is recommended to have a replacement cycle of 9 months, the sinter activated carbon filter is recommended to have a replacement cycle of 1 year, and the ultrafiltration membrane filter is recommended to have a replacement cycle of 2 years.
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