Does the environmentally friendly tile have radiation?

When we carry out interior decoration, the use of tiles is indispensable. Modern decoration people generally prefer green tiles. However, there are many types of tiles on the market. How should we identify whether tiles are environmentally friendly? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
Teach you to identify whether tiles have radiation

  The raw materials of ceramic tile products are derived from ore, quartz powder, long sand powder, zircon powder and other mineral materials. A special ray is emitted, which is called radioactivity. Many people in the ceramic industry have said that the raw materials of ceramic tiles are made of natural stone, more or less radioactive; in order to facilitate decontamination and avoid erosion, manufacturers generally apply a layer of “glaze” on the surface (the tile is also called glaze). Tile).

  glazed tile
   tile radiation refers to the phenomenon that tiles contain radioactive materials, of which the radioactivity of glazed tiles is more obvious. The glazed tiles are coated with a layer of glaze on the tile base. The tiles have a variety of colors and rich patterns and patterns. Most of the glazed ceramic tiles are derived from potassium-containing minerals such as feldspar and mica. These minerals contain certain radioactive substances such as uranium and potassium. It is still radioactive after physical and chemical processes such as pulverization and sintering. In order to make the surface of the tile smooth, the higher-activity zircon sand is often added to the raw material, which also makes some tiles have higher radioactivity.

   First, look at the tile radiation according to the color
   Remind consumers that the whiter the tile, the greater the radiation, the stronger the radiation of the ultra-white brick in the polished tile So whether it is a first-line brand or a third-line brand, buy tiles, especially floor tiles, don’t buy too white, the damage is much smaller. The whiter the tiles, the more often they contain more supplemental additives, which are generally more radiant. The radiation produced by brighteners such as zirconia can endanger human health, while the ultra-white bricks in polished tiles are more strongly radiated. Therefore, unless the glazed glaze itself is white, the large white brick is not suitable for large-area paving.

  The difference between big brands and small brands is not the quality of the products but the quality. It may be bad when the first-line bricks buy 100 blocks, and the third-line brands will be bad. But it must not be said that small brand brick radiation is more powerful than big brands.

   Dark tile radioactive contamination is more serious. The darker the tiles, the more radioactive materials they contain, and the greater the radiation. Among all the glazed tiles, the red is the most serious, and the radioactivity of the tiles such as General Red and Rhododendron is higher than other colors.

   Second, the radiation produced by qualified tiles will not endanger human health
   China’s national mandatory standard “Building Materials Radionuclide Limits” (GB 6566) will The radioactive level of building decoration materials is divided into three categories: A, B, and C.

   Class A decoration materials have the lowest level of radioactivity, and their production, sales and use range are not limited.

  Class B decoration materials are not to be used in the interior of Class I civil buildings such as houses, hospitals, schools, etc., but can be used for exterior finishes of Class I civil buildings and all other buildings. Inner and outer finishes.

   and Class C decoration materials can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings and for outdoor use.

  3, tile purchase strategy

  1, if you want to choose brick, it is best to choose matt brick

   Try not to decorate the interior with tiles. If you want to choose bricks, it is best to choose matt bricks; if you use polished tiles, usually try to open small lights in your home, try to avoid direct light or affect the eyes through reflection.

  2, purchase ultra-white bricks to warn the excess of zirconium silicate

   polished tiles in the production process, in order to achieve whitening effect, will Appropriate addition of zirconium silicate, and some enterprises excessively added for the production of ultra-white bricks, is the main reason for the excessive radiation of ceramic tiles

  3, choose the tiles to be careful to check the inspection level

  The industry said that when buying tiles, the public must look at the certification provided by the manufacturer: radioactive level detection, divided into three categories, A, B, C, of ​​which A is the best, outside this tile The package will indicate: “Radioactivity level: A”.

   Fourth, how to detect whether the radiation received by yourself exceeds the standard

   can use the radiation detector at home for testing, pay attention to the optional detector If it is certified by an authoritative organization, and can produce a product test report, and the product with an energy response index of 1.0±0.15; we are in a radioactive environment of 0.13μSv/h even without any radiation, this radiation background The upper limit is the safe normal. Therefore, the radiation level of the decoration materials or the radiation level of the specific activity environment is safe as long as it is not significantly higher than the background level. According to the public exposure control standards proposed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Health Organization, the total amount of radiation received per person per year should not exceed 1000 μSv, as long as the total amount of radiation per year is not greater than this standard, it is also safe.
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