Eastman’s new building materials products unveiled at the architectural exhibition

Esman Chemicals has a long history of construction and construction, and its products include high quality coatings, adhesives and sealants, asphalt compounds, floor finishes, glass materials and roofing products. At the 2014 International Architecture Exhibition, the company demonstrated their excellent products and technologies that make building products cleaner, more environmentally friendly, more durable and easier to use.
Representatives of Eastman Enterprises introduced the building market to the guests at the booth. The interactive display and installation demonstrations helped reflect Eastman’s innovation. “We are committed to the construction and construction industry, where we solve the most challenging problems in the market and the development of innovative material solutions. & rdquo; Eastman marketing and sales of Tim & middot; Dell said. The products and technologies represented at the show include: Eastman Cerfis technology, interior and wood products, window films, insulating glass, non-phthalate plasticizers and binder resin polymers. Among them, Cerfis technology is a revolutionary coating system that combines process, equipment and chemical creation with unparalleled precision, consistent quality, and durability.

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