Egypt first sued 20 journalists for assisting terrorist attacks

China News Service, February 11th According to foreign media reports, the Egyptian official news agency said on the 10th that the Egyptian judicial authorities are scheduled to start on the 20th of this month, on 20 Al Jazeera reporters to commit crimes to assist terrorist organizations. Trial. The trial will be the first time in Egypt to prosecute journalists for crimes related to terrorist activities.

These journalists’ charges include joining terrorist organizations, helping terrorist organizations and endangering national security. The Egyptian government said that Al Jazeera has helped the Muslim Brotherhood, which was previously declared a terrorist organization.

Al Jazeera has always denied these allegations, saying that his reporter is only completing his work. In addition, the TV station also said that only 9 of the 20 people are employees.

The report said that the defendants included Australian-based Al Jazeera’s English-language agent in Cairo, as well as local award-winning journalists and producers. Currently, 8 of 20 people are detained and 12 others will be tried in absentia.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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