Electric door closers, the direction of fire doors

With the development of the construction industry, people have more and more requirements for the door. In order to facilitate people’s life and for the development of the fire prevention system, the scientist has developed an electric door closer to facilitate the use of the door leaf. So what are the advantages of this kind of door closer? Let’s take a step by step to understand the installation and use of the electric door closer and its working principle.
   1. Introduction to electric door closers:

   electric door closers can also be called automatic door releasers or electric releasers. It is a machine that automatically closes the door leaf by using an electronic control method. The difference between an electric door closer and a hydraulic fire door closer is the combination of a release and a non-positioning system. Through the internal solenoid valve and strong spring to push the door, the compression spring causes the door leaf to lock. This kind of Adong door closer was first used in the normally open fire door. After a series of inspections by the fire department, it was found that the door was closed. The current is used in some dangerous situations, so the old hydraulic automatic door closer is still used in the current fire door market, which can effectively prevent dangerous situations.

   Second, the composition of the electric door closer:

  The electric door closer consists of two parts: the electric door closer main body and the guide groove. The main body of the electric door closer is installed at the door frame, and the guide groove is installed at the door leaf. The electric door closer is mainly composed of a casing, a rotating arm, a guide rail, an electromagnet, a spring, a ratchet and the like, and the structure thereof is complicated. There are many more than 60 kinds of small parts, and some parts are more important. If the quality of these parts is not enough, it is very easy to cause the motorized door closer to fall apart.

   Third, the installation of electric door closers:

  The door frame of the electric door closer needs to be customized, first the electric door closer The door frame beam should be slightly widened to leave 55mm of installation space on the beam, and then the installation position should be strictly regulated.

  Power supply for electric door closers: Because of the need for fire safety, the fire-fighting power supply circuit does not need to be independent, with special installations for independent placement, and fire doors must be spread over buildings. Every place is good for fire prevention work.

   IV. Working principle of electric door closer:

  The electric door closer is combined with the fire protection system, and it does not use electricity at ordinary times. It can carry out activities within a range of 180 degrees. Once a fire breaks out, the electric door closer will automatically close the door, and it will resume the non-energized state by itself, ensuring a feedback signal after safety. In the case of no reset, the non-locating door closer system will be activated at this time, so that the activity can be performed. After the fire alarm is released, it must be manually reset. After the reset, the work can be resumed.

  The electric door closer has played a very good role in the firefighting work, but because it is difficult to operate, it is currently limited to firefighting. In the next few years, I believe he will Popularize people’s lives and make people live safely and comfortably.
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