EU “soft and hard” to deal with Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe

China News Service, Brussels, February 17 (Reporter Shen Chen) On the one hand, he continued to leave Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe and his wife on the “blacklist”, but on the other hand, he sent Mugabe to the EU. – The invitation to the African Summit & ldquo; The tactics of the EU “soft and hard” are really puzzling.

The European Commission announced on February 17th in Brussels, Belgium, to lift sanctions against eight senior Zimbabwean officials, but left the country’s President Mugabe and his wife on the “blacklist” to continue Free their assets in the EU and restrict their travel to the EU. At the same time, there was news that the EU issued an invitation to Mugabe to participate in the EU-Africa Summit, and decided to allow him to enter and leave the EU during the summit.

The EU “soft and hard” strategy of carrots and sticks has not been favored by Zimbabwe. An EU diplomat who did not want to be named disclosed that the EU had sent an invitation letter to Mugabe, who is about to turn 90, but has not received a reply from Mugabe. From April 2 to 3 this year, the EU-Africa Summit will be held in Brussels.

Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front spokesperson Lu Jiaer & middot; Gang Bo pointed out that the EU’s measures are meaningless and even absurd, Zimbabwe needs a comprehensive lifting of the ban. He said: “The EU put Mugabe on the blacklist. What did he do?” We can start negotiations with the EU, but they must also lift the ban. They hurt our people. & rdquo;

The media analysis here pointed out that the EU intends to gradually relax the sanctions against Zimbabwe to promote its reform. It is reported that the European Commission intends to adopt a decision on February 18 to resume financial support for the Zimbabwean government from 2015.

On July 31 last year, Zimbabwe held a presidential, parliamentary and local government “three-in-one” election vote, 89-year-old Robert · Mugabe will be re-elected as president. The US government believes that there was fraud in the election last year and has not yet touched the sanctions against the country.

It is reported that February 21 this year is Mugabe’s 90-year-old birthday. The Zimbabwean ruling party said that it plans to raise 1 million US dollars to celebrate the birthday of the president. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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