Facebook appealed a £500,000 fine in the UK, saying it violated the basic principles of online sharing.

US social giant Facebook appealed its £500,000 penalties in the UK.

The data on 87 million Facebook users in the Cambridge analysis incident was improperly disclosed. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) opened a £500,000 package to Facebook on October 26. A fine of $640,000). In response, Facebook appealed against it, saying the ruling threatened the “basic principles” of sharing information online.

According to the British Financial Times reported on November 22, Facebook said that the British Commissioner’s Office imposed a fine of “The UK citizen’s data may be affected by the Cambridge analysis incident”, but they The survey concluded that it was “unable to determine” whether the UK data was shared.

Facebook believes that this means that the reason behind the fines of the Office of the Information Commissioner in the UK has been expanded, and it may “think the basic principle of whether people should be allowed to share information online”. For example, it may prohibit users from forwarding content without the permission of the original author.

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