First visit to Chengdu must see the pro-test Chengdu’s most casual net red hot pot bamboo bench

In recent years, Chengdu has been popular with more and more tourists in the city of red tourism because of the urban concept of slow life. Once there was a professor at Peking University who lamented: “It’s only known in Chengdu that life can be done like this. The 2007 American Time magazine also rated Chengdu as “the most Chinese city”.

Jinjiang District is the oldest urban area in Chengdu and a must-see for tourists. Here you can see the perfect blend of old and new cultures and Eastern and Western cultures, as well as the casual life of Chengdu. Chunxi Road & mdash in Jinjiang District; Taikooli Business Circle, even if it is not a holiday, is still crowded. In addition to a large number of tourists, casual Chengdu people have just flocked here, they may be beautifully dressed and dressed, perhaps looks plain and ordinary, but turned a corner, they sat in the same Chengdu red hot pot restaurant.

Located in the red hot pot bamboo bench in Chunxi Road South Street, you can see the Chengdu office workers They are doing the scenes of authentic Chengdu and friends laughing and roaring. It is in this store that visitors can appreciate the true taste of Chengdu.

The reason why the bamboo bench old hot pot is called the bamboo bench is because this small bamboo bench carries The joys and sorrows of Chengdu citizens. Whether it’s drinking bowls, drinking or playing mahjong, playing bridges, whether you are in the city lanes or in the People’s Park, you can see this bench made of bamboo. The bamboo pot old hot pot is to move the ubiquitous city culture of Chengdu to the hot pot restaurant.

In the bamboo bench hot pot restaurant, you can see the bamboo bench in the color and see the mahjong on the wall. And the murals of storytelling, see the authentic Chengdu dialect teaching. Even if the bottom of the pot is still not on, the waiter will start to give you a bowl of tea: “When eating hot pot, drink the bowl first. The bowl of tea is not only a feature of Chengdu, but it has the same characteristics as the Chengdu hot pot. In Chengdu, people’s enthusiasm for hot pot is no less than that of Chongqing. Chongqing’s hot pot is hot and direct, while the old Chengdu’s hot pot is about aftertaste. Just like the bowl of tea, it is said that the bowl of tea in Chengdu is faint. When you want to frown, the mouth begins to relish the late leisure taste. Chengdu hot pot is also the same, the entrance has been slowly for a long time, in order to feel its deliciousness. Dear visitors, don’t forget that this is Chengdu, even if you eat hot pot, you need to pay attention to a “slow word.”

After the bowl of tea is finished, then wait for the bottom of the pot to go to the table, the bottom of the pot comes up, you will find that It is a Taiji diagram of one side, and a mahjong is placed on the Taiji diagram. This solemn thing has blatantly bumped into Chengdu’s vulgar mahjong culture. There have been critics who believe that Chengdu’s market culture is “free and idle, lacking solemnity, but also a little deep and spiritual impact, but when You can see that the Daji Temple, which should be quiet and solemn, can repair a whole day and come to the people, and you will find out the Taikooli Commercial Street. This is actually the most fundamental appearance of Chengdu.

So When you come to Chengdu to travel, you want to have a taste of Chengdu. “Slow and leisure, you can sit on the second floor of Taikoo Li, take a look at the cornices of the Daci Temple and the financial district, then walk through a street to the bamboo bench. Old hot pot. After drinking the bowl of tea and eating a hot pot in Chengdu, then you will know that there is a taste in Ancheng in Chengdu.

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