Floor enterprise innovation must be guarded against misunderstanding

‘Competition homogenization’ is a serious problem faced by flooring manufacturers today, and most flooring companies also realize that the current era of profit in the flooring market has long since been far away. As of the current situation of the flooring market, the total market shrinks. With little market gap and fierce competition, under such a situation, flooring companies must continue to innovate to open up the blue ocean, inject special operations, and focus on innovation before they can gain a share in the fierce market and gain a foothold.

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Floor Enterprise Innovation Must Beware of Misunderstandings

It can be said that ‘innovation’ is gradually becoming the main theme of marketing development of flooring companies, but when this kind of thinking goes into Misunderstandings, it is also very easy to sink the trap. So, what are the most likely mistakes for floor companies to enter into marketing innovations?

Miscellaneous, heavy behavioral innovation, light strategic thinking And model innovation

Innovation in Chinese corporate marketing, focusing on the end-to-end melodies and the unpredictable channel price strategy, but in the marketing value proposition In terms of marketing strategy thinking and marketing model, there has been no systematic breakthrough. This has made Chinese enterprise marketing innovation always stay at the level of ‘training and overtaking’, and it is difficult to shake the game rules of the whole industry and form its own strategic core. Expertise and skills to create a continuous differentiation of corporate marketing.

Miscellaneous 2, innovation of competitive factors, neglect Customer Value Innovation

The main force of Chinese enterprise marketing innovation is the competitive factors and competition methods, such as the cost-based, single competition-based price war, and the continuous adjustment of channel policies. Frequent refurbishment of terminal promotion methods, sweeping tactics of people’s sea goods, etc., but neglecting innovation based on customer value, ignoring the elements of marketing, namely the innovation of human capital value and customer capital value:

(1) Ignore the price war is based on the cost-leading price war;

(2) The competition of enterprises should be based on customer value innovation Competition, such as responding quickly to customer needs, focusing on customer core values, reducing prepaid costs, reducing support costs, and saving internal resources to enable customers to gain value, helping customers increase revenue, taking on customer risk and partial relationship responsibilities, reducing customer purchases The total cost of products and services;

(3) focus on the thrust of the terminal, while ignoring the brand’s pull, ignoring the value of the customer by increasing the brand value ;

(4) Focus on extensive human resources in the market Resource investment, while ignoring the capacity development of human resources and the value added of talents.

Mission 3, innovation of the marketing function module, neglecting the collaborative innovation of the marketing value chain


The growth of Chinese companies is mainly driven by marketing, which promotes the professionalization of marketing functions and enhances its position in the management functions of the entire enterprise. But from the entire industrial value chain From the perspective, the innovation of marketing functions is only in the marketing function itself. There is no collaborative innovation based on supply chain and value chain marketing, ignoring the innovation of products and technologies. This makes the innovation of marketing function become an island, which makes the ability of marketing to drive the growth of enterprises to be severely constrained, resulting in the overall reaction speed and overall efficiency of marketing. The economies of scale have not brought about the reduction and leading of total cost, and marketing has lost its continuation. Competitive ability.

Mission 4, re-marketing individual behavioral point innovation, neglecting the overall system innovation of marketing organization

Marketing of Chinese enterprises Behavior is often determined by the individual qualities of the leader, not the quality of the complementary team. It is individual wisdom rather than team strength, resulting in insufficient leadership and execution of innovation. This kind of innovative thinking is mostly opportunistic, embodied in scattered points, rather than strategic innovations in a strategic sense, resulting in innovations that are not compatible with mechanisms, systems, processes, and technologies, and lose their effectiveness.

Misunderstanding 5, re-marketing revolutionary, sports-style innovation, while ignoring accumulated marketing innovation

ignoring accumulation and Precipitation, marketing management knowledge and experience are difficult to replicate quickly and successfully within the organization. Lack of shared information platform makes the cost of each marketing innovation high. Every marketing innovation is also destructive, revolutionary, and innovative. Waste of resources and cost. As a result of this cycle, the benefits of innovation will eventually be lost, and the results of innovation will be difficult to achieve.

Miscellaneous Six, innovation in the form of re-marketing, ignoring the benefits of marketing innovation

reflected in: pioneering and innovation in re-marketing Ignore the re-innovation of existing markets; pay attention to the acquisition of new customers, neglect the sublimation of the maintenance of old customers and the value of customer relationships; one-sided pursuit of the novelty of marketing innovation, while ignoring the innovative customer value and corporate income.

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