Furniture Design Exhibition Tasmania

There is a furniture design exhibition in Tasmania, Australia. At the exhibition, the designers showcase their own satisfactory works and show their strength and creativity to the public. Simon, a professor at the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania, said: “This exhibition will be as solemn as a traditional exhibition, but will place the furniture in the room in one room, which is equivalent to using these works. Arrange one room. These exhibitors have a wide variety of furniture, including chairs, desks, lamps, hangers, cabinets, wicker chairs and more. & rdquo;
Furniture designer Hobart said: “A piece of furniture is good or bad, not only to look at its beautiful appearance, expensive and not expensive, the most needed is that these furniture can be compared with the room to be arranged Adaptation and integration make the whole room seem to be one, which is the highest level of furniture design. ”

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