Gaoan ceramic slabs need fire? The problem to be solved is more than imagined

The phrase “no big board is not big” has developed into the present sentence, and another sentence has been derived: no big cards are not big boards.

800×800mm or more tiles are usually difficult in the production process, especially for shaped products above 600×1200mm, etc. The requirements are very high, therefore, the current big board not only represents the strength of the enterprise, but also the embodiment of the production capacity of the enterprise.

Ginkelui ceramics 600×1200mm large plate production site.

Gao’an has 8 big boards Line

Specifications are 600×1200mm

In September 2017, Jiangxi Jinkairui ceramics 900×900mm specification production line was put into operation, and the 600×1200mm specification series was launched simultaneously. Then, Gaorui production area Xinruijing ceramics, solar ceramics and other enterprises have launched large-plate series products, but the specifications It is limited to 600×1200mm. Compared with Foshan ceramics, the characteristics of the large plate size are not obvious.

This reporter learned that in the first half of this year, Golden Triangle Ceramics, Zhongyang Ceramics and Mingrui Ceramics Co., Ltd. also began to introduce 600×1200mm large-size products. However, overall, in the Gao’an production area, there are only a handful of companies that have large-scale production lines. The positioning of these enterprises on the big board is also more symbolic than the significance of production and sales.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 8 large-scale production lines in Gao’an production area, the largest production capacity is around 10,000 square meters, and only a few companies The production line can be produced in the whole line. Most of the enterprises mainly arrange production for inventory, and other times, they mainly produce traditional specifications.

Compared with the Foshan production area, the large board is mainly in the 600-1200mm specification in the Gao’an production area, and the thickness of the product is about 10mm. Only Jiangxi Futura High-ceramics (Xinzhongyuan Gaoan Production Base) added a new production line of 1200×2400mm and other large-scale series in May this year. At the same time, the production line of the large plate in Gao’an production area is mainly based on the production line of polished tiles or polished glazed tiles. The newly expanded production line is only the 900×900mm specification production line of Jinkairui ceramics newly built in September last year. Other enterprises are using existing production lines. Upgrade.

Luo Qun, general manager of Roosevelt Ceramics Group, said that Roosevelt Ceramics plans to add a large board production line this year. Previously, some enterprises planning to expand the slab production line at the end of this year were affected by the current environmental protection policies and large-scale sales. It has clearly stated that no new production lines will be added for the time being. If there is a need for large-scale products to supplement the product chain in the later stage, More than through the OEM method, and in the current production area, ceramic enterprises have supplemented the large-plate series products by means of OEM.

At present, there are few ceramic enterprises in the Gao’an production area that can produce large-size products with a size of 600×1200mm or more.

Large board production rate is lower


Average price is about 30 yuan/piece

Chengcheng Ceramics Chairman Luo In fact, Jingcheng Ceramics launched a 600×1200mm full-body antique brick in 2016. At that time, the selling price was 50 yuan/piece, and today’s average price is close to 35 yuan/piece. Sales have not yet formed a scale, and prices have fallen a lot.

For the sales situation of the large board, Luo Lai is frankly, the current production capacity of Jingcheng Ceramics is about 8,000 square meters, mainly for domestic sales and exports. The main, and a small number of OEMs, it is difficult to achieve production and sales balance at full production. Currently, the company is communicating with some large companies, hoping to integrate in production capacity.

Jingcheng ceramics has been producing large plates for more than 2 years, and the technology for producing large plates has been very mature, especially the stability of product quality and products. The flatness has attracted many first-line brand enterprises in Foshan to come to discuss the foundry. Luo Laizu introduced that Jingcheng Ceramics first produced 600×1200mm general-purpose antique bricks. Last year, it added a series of all-body soft light. This year, at the request of some OEMs, it began to increase the light series. In addition to these series, it is large. In terms of the color of the board, Jingcheng will also add some new techniques and technologies, so that the use of the board can be more extensive.

Liu Jian, general manager of Jin Kairui Ceramics Marketing, told reporters, Jin KaiRui is an enterprise that introduced 900×900mm and 600×1200mm specifications earlier in Gao’an production area, and is also the first enterprise in the production area to produce these two large-scale series products. He said that although these special-shaped specifications are not as good as the conventional specifications of 800×800mm and 600×600mm, the large board definitely represents the future development direction.

“This year’s 900×900mm, 600×1200mm product sales increased significantly compared with last year. Our production line with a daily output of 10,000 square meters can basically achieve full load. Production.” Liu Jian said that Jinkairui Ceramics, as a high-tech production area, can produce large-scale enterprises in the whole line, and has great advantages in product quality and market reputation. Therefore, the market sales volume has gradually increased.

Golden Triangle Ceramics also officially launched a large plate of 600×1200mm specifications in April this year. In the view of Jin Siping, chairman of Golden Triangle Ceramics, the current sales of large plates are still Not really “fire”, more reflected in the production capacity of ceramic enterprises.

According to the reporter’s understanding, it is still difficult for Gao’an ceramic enterprises to achieve profitability through the sales of large boards, and because they are worried about the local companies will be in the channel and price. Conflicts have formed, so it is more to introduce Foshan first-line brands for OEM.

Liao Hubao, general manager of New Ruijing Ceramics Marketing, said frankly that from the information feedback from the terminal dealers, the main application of the large board of 600×1200mm specifications in Gao’an production area is currently applied. On the stairs, the amount is very limited. “The big board will only form a large area of ​​indoor paving, which will form sales, but at present it is only a supplement to the product structure.”

And in Luolai In terms of sales volume and production, the demand for the company’s comprehensive strength is relatively high, especially for the stability and flatness of product production. On the other hand, the current sales of the slabs are very limited. Even in Foshan, the sales of the slabs are not optimistic. Therefore, it is more suitable for companies with large-scale production lines to carry out OEM production, which is more conducive to price stability.

In fact, in addition to the ground paving, ceramic slabs have more application space, such as cabinets.

The future of Gao’an slab

Requires a channel to host

In fact, from the current point of view, Gaoan Many ceramic enterprises in the production area already have the ability to produce large plates, but they lack the carrying capacity of large plate sales. The most prominent problem is that the positioning and channels of ceramic enterprises in Gao’an production area are mainly based on the wholesale channels of the third- and fourth-tier markets, but the sales of large-scale plates rely heavily on retail, engineering and designers.

Roosevelt Ceramics Group General Manager Luo Qun told reporters that Roosevelt Ceramics’ future positioning is to move closer to branding. Currently, it is necessary to build a terminal brand store channel. support. With the current popular words, it is “no big board is not big card”, so Roosevelt ceramics enterprises will definitely go to the big board production line.

In the view of Gao’an ceramics, the future 600×1200mm slab products must be a trend, because Chinese culture is also the pursuit of “big beauty” . However, because the cost of the large board is high in terms of production cost and technology, it is destined to be a high value-added product based on profit. Even if it can form a certain sales volume in the future, it may not become a mainstream trend.

Liu Jian said that the current application of the large board in Gao’an production area is mainly stair step. The reason is that the customer does not know enough about the application of the large board. It is easy to mislead the existing large-scale sales in the production area and lose the significance of promoting the big board. In fact, the more suitable space for the large board is the interior decoration, and the rich effect of the large board is achieved through the combination of color and color, and the cutting design of the product.

Liao Hubao told reporters that the big board must represent the future development direction of ceramic tile products, and it can also become the development trend of the ceramic tile industry. To this end, Xinruijing Ceramics has increased the training of terminal store managers and customers, and has achieved very good response. The dealers will provide a complete set of design solutions in the later stage of the application of large plates, to a certain extent. Promote the use of large panels in the home interior space.

“The big board must represent the future direction and trend, but the companies with large boards in the production area need to endure a certain loneliness, at least 1 and a half years. Time to market precipitation,” Jin Siping said.


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