Germany’s unpaid overtime work is serious. Employers can save €36 billion a year., December 3, according to the European Network, quoted by the European Union News Agency, a few days ago, the German labor policy research institute released a labor market survey analysis report that in 2017, the accumulated overtime hours of German corporate employees reached 2.127 billion hours. 50% of the overtime hours provide employees with services for their employers without compensation.

According to reports, survey data show that in 2017, full-time or part-time employees of German companies increased their overtime hours by an average of 11% compared to 2016. Employees worked for employers for 27 hours a week free of charge. An average of 0.6 hours. In the first half of 2018, the overtime hours of corporate employees continued to rise, reaching 1.1 billion hours.

Jessica & Sdot, a labor market policy expert at the German Left Party; Tati said that unpaid overtime work for German corporate employees exposed the unspoken rules of the labor market. Under normal circumstances, corporate employees work for employers for half an hour a week, only a few minutes a day, and most people do not ask the employer for a fee. However, in this year alone, the unpaid work of an employee saved more than 36 billion euros for German employers.

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