Guge Dynasty special product packaging is surprisingly innovative. Create a “magic box” to lead the environmental protection materials to the world!

As the commercialization of the food industry has become more and more intense, there have been various reverse Renaissances in packaging. Unsafe, not environmentally friendly, shoddy, and low productivity, these are enormous wastes for manpower, material resources and financial resources. Mr. Xia Ke, who specializes in the development and design of specialty products in the food industry, realized this early. After years of planning and reference to advanced experience at home and abroad, in 2010, Xia Ke advocated the creation of the potential development laboratory of the Guge Dynasty. PDO).

PDO brings together many professionals in the fields of art, design, materials manufacturing, and business operations. Mr. Xia Ke hopes that everyone can create Chinese packaging through bold ideas, professional knowledge structure and skilled skills. The road to the future will realize more possibilities for Chinese packaging. Moreover, PDO is also the first basic research laboratory in China’s packaging industry to be consciously organized by commercial organizations and continuously investing large sums of money.

At present, PDO has developed a magical (MOTA) environmentally friendly packaging material manufacturing system that has achieved the country & ldquo ; utility model patent technology and “ environmentally friendly materials manufacturing invention patents, and officially put into commercial applications. The magic state is applicable to any paper, and can be used to shape any three-dimensional shape and can realize any new environmental protection packaging material of any existing paper processing technology. In addition, the magic state packaging material can reduce the labor of 60-80% in the production process. The magical state advocates three arbitrary (1, arbitrary paper; 2, any process; 3, arbitrary star making), three reductions (1, reduce pollution; 2, reduce labor; 3, reduce costs), undoubtedly let it become capable Subvert the existing packaging concept and realize the strong existence of the leap-forward development of the packaging industry. The Guge Dynasty applied it perfectly to the design and development of specialty food packaging, and also allowed us to see more possibilities for practical application of magical environmental packaging materials.

First In terms of packaging costs that people are concerned about, the cost of the magic box is obviously better than the existing cartons. Zou Yong, CEO of Guge Dynasty, once said: “Just take the salt to help the kitchen black pork gift box to illustrate, first of all, regardless of the packaging shape, just use 1100 grams of paper + printing process, etc., the cost of ordinary carton is already higher 3~5 yuan of the magic box. If iron products are used as the packaging box, then the cost of the gap is not to mention, and it is not considered that the iron box is damaged or industrialized.

Next Let’s talk about the packaging fun and value that people pay more attention to when buying. Here, take the example of Zhang Fei Beef’s Magic Mask. As we all know, the mission of packaging is just as important as the perfect protection of products. The Zhangfei Beef Magic Mask designed and developed by the Guge Dynasty not only completes the new mission of packaging, but also integrates multi-purpose and easy to spread. In addition to protecting the products to make them more artistic, Zhang Fei beef The Magic Mask can be used as an ornament, and can also be worn as a mask, greatly enhancing the fun of the product packaging and the value of recycling.

Actually Whether it is the salt cook or the Zhang Fei beef, the Guge Dynasty skillfully applied the magical environmental protection materials to them, making them the leading products of environmental protection packaging materials in the specialty food industry. The magic state reduces the packaging cost, brings higher profit value, and makes the product more competitive. It must be said that in the current urgency of the global ecological crisis, the magical environmental protection materials advocated by the Gage dynasty Xia Ke teacher is undoubtedly of great significance in the food packaging industry!

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