Heating mode competition, power can be divided into household heating

Winter is approaching and heating work is starting. In the past two years, the extreme cold weather in the south has increased, and the voice of central heating in the south has also increased. Some southern cities are exploring the implementation of central heating. At the same time, the wall-mounted furnace household heating equipment continues to grow in the East China and Central China markets. The Qinling Huaihe River south of central heating and wall-mounted boilers are developing rapidly.

Whether it is central heating or the wall-mounted furnaces promoted by German power, each has its own advantages, making it difficult to choose. We can compare the two heating methods in terms of cost performance and comfort to find a heating method that is really suitable for everyone.

Cost-effective: Easy to use and save money is king.

Home heating as a long-term Consumption, cost-effectiveness is really in line with the mind. The cost performance of heating needs to comprehensively consider a series of factors such as heating effect, total heating cost and service quality. You can choose according to your specific situation.

Central heating is generally heated by the heating company. The indoor temperature is relatively stable. You don’t have to spend time and energy to maintain the heating equipment. You only need to pay the heating fee on time. As far as the price is concerned, central heating only needs to pay the heating fee every year during the heating season. The situation varies from place to place across the country, and the charging level is not the same, but it is basically maintained between 20~30 yuan/building square meter, according to the heating area of ​​100 square meters. In the calculation of meters, it is necessary to pay 2,000-3,000 yuan of heating costs per year.

Compared to central heating, wall-mounted furnace household heating is undoubtedly a more economical choice, especially when consumers choose a high quality wall-hung boiler, which will greatly save heating costs.

There are many brands of wall-mounted boilers in the heating market. The quality of the wall-hung boiler directly affects the operating costs. For example, the German-style wall-mounted boilers are used for the operation of Chinese users. In particular, the Chinese display operation interface of the wall-hung boiler is easy to understand and easy to operate. Even the elderly can quickly master the operation skills. Some high-end models can also be controlled by the APP to meet the consumer’s intelligent online control of temperature and hot water demand.

The combustion efficiency of the powerhouse is up to 99%, and the combustion efficiency of the condensing boiler is as high as 108%. After half an hour of starting, the room can achieve warmth and the wall-mounted furnace After the temperature is set, the preset temperature will be reached, the combustion will be stopped automatically, and the heating will be automatically reduced after the reduction. It can also be set to the working mode. The wall-hung boiler does not work during the day, and the heating cost is saved by half. Therefore, the operating cost will be lower than the central heating. less.

In general, European and American wall-hung boilers have a factory life of 15-20 years. Of course, the more professional the maintenance of the boiler equipment, the longer the service life. In the long run, compared to centralized heating, the wall-mounted boiler for household heating can save a lot of money and cost more.

Comfort: The room temperature can be controlled to be satisfied

The optimization of social consumption structure, people’s pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, creating a warm and comfortable family environment is inseparable A comfortable room temperature. In the cold winter, the comfort of different heating methods is not the same. Air-conditioning heating not only consumes a lot of electricity, but also has a poor temperature, and has gradually been replaced by wall-mounted heating. Wall-mounted boilers, household heating and central heating, have become widely used heating methods.

Central heating Due to unified heating, users cannot control the heating time independently. If the cold air is advanced or delayed, and the heating is not supplied, the time will even freeze. In addition, the central heating is depleted due to heat loss. Sometimes, there is a case where the upper temperature is high and the low temperature is low, and the comfort is greatly reduced.

The heating of the wall-mounted furnaces can perfectly prevent this from happening. If you feel that the weather is cold, you can start the boiler yourself and adjust the indoor warmth according to the actual temperature.

The power-hung boiler has a powerful central processing function to meet the heating needs of multi-bedrooms. Each room can be set to the temperature according to the needs. It can also be decided to turn off the heating of a room separately according to the needs. It can provide large-flow constant temperature sanitary hot water for use in family bathing, kitchen and other places.

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