Household water purifier what brand? Water purifier brand recommended

Although the living conditions slowly getting better, but did not increase the quality of life, the life of air pollution, water pollution is getting worse, people will live in a city are installed on home water purifier or air purifier, home water purifier is called a drinking water installations and repeatedly tap water depth in the water treatment installation, water purifier was originally in the 1970s when the epidemic began, then what home water purifier brand is good? Here we introduce to home water purifier brands arrangement.

clear mountain spring water purifier

clear spring is now located in the reform and opening up the frontier city water purifier base – Shenzhen Longgang District, is committed to environmental protection industry for 20 years, with nearly 500 stores, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, Western Europe and other countries and regions, the majority of merchants and consumers.

while the clear mountain spring or South China University of Science and Technology achievements into one of the bases, as a sponsor of the environmental protection industry brand initiated the establishment of China Luo Shi (China) Environmental Business School, leading the Chinese environmental protection industry continued, development of health. At present clear spring water purifier has passed the certification authority of the Chinese Center for Quality 3C, CE ROSH EU product safety and environmental protection in Europe and America, the European Union and by the authority of the inspection Bureau Veritas, the quality has been a large number of consumers at home and abroad trust, and with China Telecom Group entered into a strategic partnership.

US water purifier

US water purifier 2013 have their own production lines, not as a professional water purifier manufacturer and brand came in second maybe you knowing there unwilling, but have to admit, in the eyes of ordinary people, the United States and beauty brands have absolute power of attraction and appeal, and even do not know what water purifier is only need to know what the United States is enough, this is . But the higher threshold of the United States of acting, the acting United States at every turn to hundreds of thousands or even millions, a lot of pressure to act as providers.

liters of water purifiers

liters of sewage treatment done earlier, and its chairman is also the ultrafiltration membrane experts, is the strength of enterprises, in 2010 after the faceless Shanghai World Expo is fame. But the pipeline is mainly done litersTo do large-scale projects, it does not seem to how to plan the development of household water purifiers, home water purifier has only several simple ultrafiltration water purifiers, products quite simple, obvious, household water purifiers only its sideline.

Angel water purifier

by Angel drinking fountains fortune, was once the king of the fountain area, has become synonymous with drinking fountains, have more in the water industry high degree of credibility, with increased water pollution in recent years, Angel also began to pay attention to household water purifiers development and production. But perhaps too nostalgic and rely on drinking fountains, water purifier that its conduct is very lingered, even stagnant, unable to compete with other water purifier brand, but once the drinking water purifiers for its scenery but also laid certainly the customer base.

Haier water purifier

Haier is China’s first to go abroad to win international recognition of home appliances brand, Haier to win international recognition because of Haier’s world-class service . Haier household appliances in the country has not ignore the influence, but Haier into the water purifier career in 2011 after the start, can be said to be slow, because there is no energy into the most professional water purifiers, water purifiers relatively Haier Stig brand in such a professional does not have any advantage, but by virtue of Haier’s reputation, but also occupy a lot of proportion, our country is still ranked water purifier ranking.

Qinyuan water purifier

Patio 1997 will filter bucket with vertical and horizontal world, after ten years in order to promote water purifier filter barrel, so early there so the eyes of real people admire. Patio water purifier because the price is relatively low, there is a very high share of the mall, but the quality is not always people centered, just go online to search “Patio quality,” the words, consumers will find that it has a lot of quality criticized. It is also why, purchases Patio water purifier two years of a downward trend, and now old and useless like a woman, but the basis of its many years in water purification laid the mall is not what can be undone , so China still water purifier ranking still has its place.

EcoWater device

US EcoWater softener leader, its founder made clear the world’s first home water softeners, water softeners firmly in the visible after firmly established a dominant position, to our country to grow and expandPlanning, but later due to excessive arsenic, brand be affected gradually fell out of favor. EcoWater has been taking the high road, but it seems wrong high-end sector of the meaning, not the high-end price, but the quality of products and services have to be high-end.

3M water purifier

3M is a global diversified technology companies, across multiple occupation industrial, medical, food and drinking water and other beverages, involved broader category, water purifiers only one aspect meantime, therefore, technology, quality and accuracy of its filter water purifier no way to catch up with the professional manufacturers, we can say, the development of 3M water purifier to completely rely on its visibility.

Springs to water purifiers

spring to be a more focused brand of water purifiers, water purifiers early entry into the professional manufacturers, has been dedicated to the kitchen R & D and production of water purifier. Springs to water purifiers high quality, but save a little, innovation ability is relatively weak, in the water purifier career more than a decade and only the kitchen water purifier, style is only just a little more than a liter, plus the end-product pricing high, it is difficult to open the mall causing agents profit.

Gree water purifier

Gree brand is well known for its production of air-conditioning in our country considered old brand, Gree this year was dedicated to the development of water purifier, bias in prices in the domestic market has a very good response, considered a rising star in the water purification industry, perhaps because of the growth of relatively late, and our water purifiers top ten brands ranked other than slightly vulnerable.

The above is presented to us in the home water purifier what brand, in fact, even home water purifier is also divided into two species, one is activated carbon water purifier, is another PP cotton filter water purifiers, water purifiers for the main aspects of the two kinds are not the same, the working principle is different. Structure within the water purifier on the market are not the same, so the effect of clean water will become different, generally low-grade water purification products in the market price of 150 yuan. Of course, a good product prices will rise.

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