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Paint is not commonly used by people However, it is an indispensable building material for home decoration, or it can be used on walls or furniture, so the environmental standards of coatings have become the focus of consumers. However, looking at the paint brands in the domestic market, the level is uneven, there are still many problems. In the future development, the capture of the high-end market must be an inevitable development trend of the paint industry.

The current waterborne coatings have been favored by more and more people, and the comprehensive properties, fullness, film hardness, abrasion resistance, service life and color formula of the waterborne coatings are all To have a higher level, that is, advanced products in water-based paints, advanced products also have higher requirements in terms of production cost and technology, which have always been a concern in the industry.

And for advanced water-based coating products, the equipment and technical level of the smaller-scale enterprises are still not up to standard, and only a few companies in China can produce them. However, in the future development, high-end coatings must be a major development trend. How to seize this market will be a big problem related to the success or failure of enterprises.

Consumer demand growth promotes the development of high-end water-based coatings

In the morning, we will see people exercising, and there will always be many people stopping at the market stalls marked with green food. It is the social reality. People’s living standards have improved, and their attention to health and other issues has increased. People’s needs in living and living have also been reflected. Although the paint is not commonly used by people, it is an indispensable building material for home decoration, or it can be used on walls or furniture. Traditional paints contain high volatile chemicals, which are very good for people’s health. The big threat, so many consumers often spend a lot of money to buy paint, which shows that people’s consciousness is changing. Because water-based paints use water as a solvent, they are rare, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odorless, and have become more and more popular in the market.

In 2018, changes in China’s national policies will have a greater impact on the industry. According to Xiaobian, the state has corresponding regulations and standards for each industry, as well as coatings. From architectural coatings to wood coatings to industrial coatings, each department has corresponding standards to regulate the market.

The introduction of coating standard regulations not only regulates the industry market, but also improves the overall quality of coating products. At the same time, it also has clearer regulations on volatile hazardous substances in coatings. For example, on October 1, 2010, the “GB24613-2009 Limits for Hazardous Materials in Toy Coatings” was officially implemented. The total lead content, volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc. were clearly defined. The regulations, and the introduction of these standards, can also promote the development of the specification of the toy coatings market.

Industry reshuffle: How do domestic coating enterprises compete for high-end coatings market

Speaking of industry reshuffle, it is necessary to talk about the situation of China’s coatings market, from China’s 7,754,400 tons in 2009. In terms of output, China’s coatings industry seems to have developed very well, but people in the industry know that although China’s coatings industry has large output, its product level is uneven, and the scale of enterprises is relatively small. There are only a handful of real large enterprises. Types also tend to be in the middle and lower levels, and the real high-end coating market share is still in the hands of foreign brands.

However, with the development of society, coating products with high performance will naturally be loved by consumers, and the market space for these products will also become larger and larger, and products with poor product performance will naturally Will be eliminated by the market.

Chinese coatings companies still tend to develop high-end products. Industry insiders have also said that many domestic coating companies also have the ability to develop and produce high-end coatings, but it depends on whether they have the courage to go abroad. The company is going to compete in this market and play its own brand in the high-end coatings field. Since the high-end coatings market is a trend in the future, domestic companies must have their own high-end coating products. Xiaobian hopes that under the baptism of the industry, more and more enterprises will have better development opportunities.

In life, paints play a great "ownership" for many industries "growth and color", of course, the development of China’s coatings industry has been very large, since 2009 Since the beginning of the year, production has leapt to the top in the world. However, China’s coatings industry is large but not strong. This is because China’s coatings companies still have a large gap with coatings technology and high-end raw materials supply. This is the crux of China’s coatings industry. In the future coating industry, the high-end market is an inevitable development trend of the entire coatings industry. This requires more attention from local companies, and continues to develop the technical level of coatings, allowing China to enter the ranks of coatings.

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