How is the quality of Panasonic ventilation fans? There are several types of ventilation fans.

The ventilating fan has the function of exhausting and ventilating, which can bring fresher indoors. The comfortable environment makes it an indispensable electrical device in the home. There are many brands of ventilation fans. Let’s take a look at the quality of Panasonic ventilating fans. There are several types of ventilation fans!

How is the quality of Panasonic ventilator?

1. From the brand perspective, Panasonic ventilation fans have a high reputation and status in the industry. Very good quality, often used in homes and many public places, can remove indoor dirty air, adjust indoor temperature and humidity.

2. From the perspective of product quality, the interior of the Panasonic exhaust fan The motor components are of very good quality and are exclusive development products. The motor design is very advantageous. Whether it is structural design, electromagnetic design or insulation design, it is more reasonable than similar products.

3, the composition of Panasonic ventilation fans are produced by famous companies In particular, the bearings of the ventilating fan are made of Baolai’s oil-impregnated bearings and high-grade motor-specific ball bearings.

4, in addition, its air duct design is also very unique, the fan blade is completely placed in the snail shell, further enhance the ventilation performance. In terms of noise processing, it uses the new Double Orifice technology, which effectively isolates the noise generated by the blades during operation and achieves a good mute effect.

5, Panasonic ventilation fan operation is also very simple, safe, and outside The frame design uses a white painted mesh cover panel, which looks very beautiful and stylish overall and can perform very well in different ceiling designs.

Ventilator There are several types

1, ceiling type ventilation fan

The ceiling type ventilating fan has a beautiful appearance. It is generally installed on the ceiling of the room. It consists mainly of three parts: fan, motor and pipeline. However, the ceiling-type ventilating fan has a relatively short pipe, and it is necessary to purchase a separate ventilation pipe for the installation to facilitate the extraction of the indoor air. The ceiling-type ventilating fan is beautiful, but because of the length of the pipe, it is not suitable for use in places such as kitchens where there is a lot of oil. In the living room or where the air circulation between indoors and outdoors is relatively good, it is more suitable to use a ceiling-mounted ventilating fan.

2, window type ventilation fan

window ventilator can be installed directly on the window. It is very simple. It has two-way and two-way ventilation. The two-way ventilator can replenish fresh outdoor air, and can also extract indoor air to the outside. It is suitable for use in places with a lot of oil smoke. The one-way ventilation fan can only pump indoor air to the outside, generally suitable for places with less oil smoke.

3, wall-mounted ventilating fan

wall-mounted ventilating fan is generally small, can be installed in the window or can be installed on the wall. It has a cylindrical air vent, because the cross section of the air vent is small, so the ventilation is weak, generally only Suitable for small spaces.

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