How is Xiaomi Tao profitable? How does Xiaomi Tao join to make money?

How to make money with Xiaotaotao

The mode of making money with Xiaotaotao is very simple: Xiaotaotao Mall is the place where we spend shopping, just like Taobao and Jingdong, everyone should understand it! p>

In Taobao, Jingdong, we finished the consumption, there is nothing else, the transaction is over.

But in Xiaotaotao Mall, the same consumption, the company will give you a certain proportion of ☞Token, also called MITAO, which means electronic equity, you just hold With this peach coin (the company’s electronic equity), as the company’s market value grows, your peach money will rise in price, now a 0.1 yuan (1 cent), will rise to three hairs, five hairs, One, five, ten … … Then you can see at which price you want to sell (selling in the trading market), selling small coins is your profit

This peach candy can’t be bought. There are two ways to source it: ️ 赠送 赠送 电子 电子 电子 电子 ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </ </

Because Xiaomi Tao is very simple!

You see, the Asian team has begun to fission the market!!! What are you hesitating?

Xiaomi Tao’s new model 7 highlights: making money and earning soft hands.

1 Blockchain + Social + New Retail: Challenge the shopping experience you have never had before.

2 Three billion-level enterprises have made great efforts to build 3.0 e-commerce after Taobao Jingdong.

1 Longliqi: An established company that has obtained direct sales licenses.

2 China Scene Technology Valley: a leading company in the virtual reality industry.

3 Bendao Group: a leading company in the product operation industry.

3 Realize the virtual and real scene shopping system: online and offline cross-test shopping experience.

4 Application advantages of blockchain technology:

1 Traceability: The source of each item can be traced back.

2 Open and transparent: Every partner keeps abreast of the operation of the platform.

3 irreversible: to ensure the authenticity of each data, fair and equitable.

4 Free circulation: circulation produces value, value guarantees price,

Guarantees peach (now 1 peach = 0.1 yuan) unlimited value-added space.

5 Consumers are partners (bonus system):

1 Take the peaches of the goods 100 by yourself.

2Share the peaches that others have consumed for 50.

3You can become a business partner by spending 398 yuan package.

4 Venture Partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to receive 1,000 peaches.

5 directly promoted 5 entrepreneurial partners, and the team was upgraded to a dream partner with 30 people.

6 Dream Partners recommend a venture partner to get 2,000 peaches.

7 Dream Partners enjoy the 1000 points of peaches recommended by the entrepreneurial partner under the umbrella.

8 dream partners enjoy the spot awards recommended by the dream partner under the umbrella of 200 peaches.

9 direct pushes have 5 dream partners, and the team has over 1,000 people to upgrade to star partners.

10 star partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to get 2,500 peaches.

11 star partners enjoyed the 1500 peaches recommended by the entrepreneurial partner under the umbrella.

12 star partners enjoy the 500 points of peaches recommended by the dream partner under the umbrella.

13 star partners enjoy the spot awards recommended by the star partners under the umbrella of 100 peaches.

6 The role of peach:

1 Dividend attribute: Participate in the profit distribution of the platform according to the proportion of peaches held.

2 Equity attributes: Peach holders will become shareholders written on the blockchain.

3 value-added attributes: Peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform.

4 Property rights: The company cannot tamper with, cannot be revoked, and cannot be recovered.

5 Circulation attributes: Users can choose to transfer to the company at 1:0.1 yuan,

or freely circulate with each other.

7 Strategic Planning of the Company: Online Development Period & Rarr; Offline Development Period & Rarr; Integrated Listing Period

2018 Target: 2 million shop owners with a turnover of 5 billion


2019 target: 5 million shopkeepers with a turnover of 30 billion

2020 target: 10 million shop owners with a turnover of 100 billion

Consumers change shareholders to grasp the trend of the times, A vent has arrived.

Are you ready?

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If you agree with Xiaotaotao business logic,

How to make money, let’s talk about it! I will copy it to you!

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