How large is the size of the tile to achieve good results?

How large is the product to choose from? Pay attention to the following aspects when selecting:  


   according to the size of the room; If you are small, try to use smaller specifications. Specifically, if the area is less than 30 pings, consider using 600*600. If it is 30~40, 600*600 or 800*800 is available. At 40 flat or more, 800*800 can be considered.  

  (2) Consider the space occupied  

  if the living room is covered by furniture, that is, when the ground is used The actual visible size of the person, if the visible area is small, should also consider using a smaller size.  

  (3) Consider the length and width of the living room  

   Well, it means to try not to cut bricks or cut bricks as much as possible, and try to reduce waste. In general, the larger the tile size, the greater the waste.  

  (4)Consider the cost and cost of the tile  

  for the same brand of the same brand of products, tile The larger the specification, the higher the corresponding price. Don’t blindly pursue large-size products. When considering the above factors, you should also combine your own budget! It’s not a lot of money to spend less!
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