How to choose beautiful wallpapers?

How to choose the right and beautiful wallpaper?

If you want to know how to choose a wallpaper that is both cost-effective and beautiful, the following five ways to choose a wallpaper are worth learning.

One How to choose wallpaper to save money and beauty

Select wallpaper first, plan well, such as considering the size of the living room, spatial scale , the orientation of the room, etc. Only by doing a good job of macro-planning can you choose a cheap and suitable wallpaper. This macro plan can be considered from the following aspects:

1 Choose better than before, buy on demand

Planning those places before you choose to paste wallpaper, wallpaper style, color , pattern, characteristics, etc., what kind of space is used for what kind of wallpaper. Under the premise of unifying the overall style, the wallpaper selection of a space can be determined according to his function, and then the purchase plan is deliberately reduced to reduce the waste of wallpaper.

2, purchase according to the wallpaper layout area, reduce waste

The wallpaper is suitable for use in the bedroom wall or the living room’s four walls, but it is not suitable for the roof. According to the budget, choose to paste the wallpaper or the wall part of the wallpaper. If the whole floor is darker than the small area, you need to consider The whole effect.

3, Rational planning of wallpaper accessories, comprehensive savings

The accessories required for wallpapering include the base film (brushed on the wall, with anti-mildew, moisture-proof, alkali-resistant effect), rubber powder (after mixing with water, brushed on the back of the wallpaper), glue (a kind of bonding) Agent, generally brushed on both sides of the wallpaper, the role of the edge. When choosing wallpapers, you should also understand their function and quality. It is recommended to choose a brand with a complete system. The use of the system is not only effective, but also comprehensive and economical. It can prevent unfamiliar and random purchases.

2 Reasonable selection of cost-effective wallpapers from a variety of styles

There are many types of wallpapers that can be roughly divided according to their substrates. For: pure paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, foam wallpaper, non-woven paper wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, bucky wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper and special wallpapers, etc. So in the choice of wallpaper, what kind of wallpaper can be more suitable for our home decoration and save money?

4, according to their own needs and wallpaper Feature selection wallpaper

There are seven kinds of wallpapers commonly used in home decoration wallpaper: pure paper wallpaper is suitable for children’s room; PVC wallpaper is not wallpaper Limited to use; non-woven paper wallpaper suitable for living room, bedroom, wall, etc.; fabric wallpaper for wall and ceiling; cloth-based wallpaper for TV background wall, bedroom wall, study wall; special wallpaper based on paper or cloth The material is suitable for special spaces.

5. Pick wallpaper based on popularity and personal preference

Wallpaper is one of the most popular elements in home decoration. There are many kinds of wallpapers. You can choose the right material and style according to your own home decoration. After comparing the characteristics, performance, price and applicable space of various common wallpapers, we can Choose the right wallpaper for your own needs, so that you can choose and lay wallpapers with purpose.


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