How to detect negative ion tiles

Hegel once said Existence is reasonable. The existence of all things must have its own reasons and its rationality. On the earth we live in, a life, a piece of paper, a pen, a tree have the value of existence, and there is no reason for no reason. The birth of things. At present, global warming, human living environment is increasingly destroyed, air pollution, smog is gradually swallowing human health, even if indoors can not avoid the invasion of harsh air, people began to pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to the earth we live, At this time, many environmentally friendly materials began to appear in our lives, and “negative ion tiles” came into being under such a background.

heated The negative ion ceramic tile is considered to be a new type of ceramic tile that can replace traditional ceramic tiles. In addition to the traditional decoration and functionality, it is “can produce negative ions and purify the air”. However, negative ions cannot be seen by the naked eye. In a short time, the body perceives how to detect whether a negative ion tile “is really producing negative ions”. The following methods and means are adopted.

I. Negative Ions Detection instrument

for The generation of negative ions is a scientific and reliable instrument for detection. It is generally called negative ion detector and can detect the negative ion content per cubic centimeter.

Second, negative ion experience box and other related experiments

Use the sealed negative ion tile box and the closed non-negative ion tile box to determine the oxidation of the placed plant to determine whether negative ions are generated and effectively mitigate the oxidation.

three, negative ion tile invention patent certificate

Whether it can provide the invention patent certificate for negative ion ceramic tile, and verify it on the relevant national authority website, this is a very important inspection measure.

Four product quality assurance insurance certificate

The more guaranteed the brand, the more it can reflect its confidence in its own products, and the more it reflects the quality of the product. The product has the relevant insurance certificate guarantee, the quality of the product is relatively reliable.

V. Negative Ion Tile Related Test Report

The negative ion ceramic tile has no negative ions in the end, which can be judged by the removal of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene. Say, if you can show the country or the first The report of the removal results of the authoritative testing organization is also relatively reliable.

The above five points are the basic elements for detecting the negative ion ceramic tile “can produce negative ions, can not purify the air”, for everyone to buy negative ion tile brand Consider it.

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