How to disinfect the bird cage? And the method of preventing the feeding of parrots

84 disinfection

Friends with 84 disinfectant directly sprayed in the birdhouse bird cage or even the bird, thinking that this can be disinfected, The purpose of this sterilization has been achieved, but your method of loving birds has invisibly paid a great price. 84 disinfectant is a chlorine-containing disinfectant, which is commonly used in clinical treatment to deal with virus contamination. For example, if 84 is used for indoor disinfection, the dose is small and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. When the concentration is reached, not only the metal is reached. The product has a corrosive effect, and it will also have strong irritation or damage to the bird’s mucous membrane and skin. If it is used for a long time, the weak bird of the system can be estimated to be unlucky.

I mainly use 100 bacteria killing and 100 poison killing and dripping, these medicines can be bought in the pet market all over the country, the price is very good, let us see the killing of bacteria. Introduction–

Function and use: A

(1, this product can quickly kill various pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, at normal temperature and low concentration , bacteria, mold, mycoplasma, chlamydia, eggs, etc., mainly used for prevention and killing of avian influenza, Marek’s disease, Newcastle disease, Parrot’s disease, paratyphoid fever, salmonellosis, chlamydia, etc. Viral diseases such as swine fever, poultry cholera, dysentery, etc. also have prevention and treatment, and viral diseases such as dysentery also have preventive and therapeutic effects. It is an ideal high-efficiency and powerful disinfectant for current birds and rare birds.

cheap cpap cleaner and sanitizer, spraying the walls and birdhouse walls and bird cages once a month. When the bird cage is sprayed, the birds are inside the cage. There is nothing wrong with the birds.

2, disease prevention

The daily prevention of birds is mainly for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. When preventing the drug, we must pay attention to a principle without losing the efficacy. In the case of using drugs as little as possible, the daily use of more antibiotics, such as erythromycin, chloramphenicol, enrofloxacin, norfloxacin, oxytetracycline, gentamicin, etc. These drugs have a certain effect on the pathogenic bacteria of the digestive system, but some of these antibiotics are for positive pathogens and some are for negative pathogens, so the first attention dose when using, the second note cross-use to achieve greater Guangpu sterilization Function, my bird field daily with gentamicin injection two (each 2ml 80,000 units) against 10 liters of water, the effect is good, the bird grows very healthy.

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