Hull sofa creates a private space

The Canadian studio has designed this very original sofa: named “Hur Sofa”. Open the privacy of the space, flexible wooden slats mimic the tall grass, allowing users to see and maintain a semi-private environment while reading, calling or discussing space.

Hull sofa allows users to enjoy half-private space when needed: see a few articles, a phone call or Skype to chat with. At a meeting, a quiet conversation, or a moment with a loved one, in a busy mall, or a long temporary stay of a book. The Hull sofa gives a sense of security, which is the feeling that other high-back sofas cannot be found.
Flexible slats mimic tall grass, giving users the ability to be undetected to a certain extent. The slats can be separated by hand to give the user a better view. The semi-private screen also allows passers-by to see if the couch is occupied, while still blurring the user, avoiding anyone getting in. The slats are made of white ash and can be easily replaced by other materials.

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