I have a “double glazing” at home, no longer afraid of water fog.

The window is a particularly important part of the decoration. It not only plays a role in decoration, but also has a relationship with the future. Therefore, many people use double-glazed windows when decorating windows, but double-glazed windows How to do it?
Introduction to double-glazed windows

1, the so-called double-layer window is based on the original window, plus a layer of inner window, mainly divided into outer window, and inner window. The outer window is usually a transparent window composed of clear glass, which can ensure the overall appearance of the building is better, and also has a certain design for safety.

2, the inner window is generally a translucent material made of various kinds of glass, which not only ensures the light can pass normally, but also has a sense of guilt, which makes the room have a mysterious feeling. This is the state that modern people (modern decoration renderings) are pursuing and are not easily seen. The inner window is mainly used for decoration, so that the inner window and the outer window together can better insulate, dustproof and anti-noise. This is why the double-glazed windows are popular.


1. If the air pressure balance hole and the drain hole are not opened or the water is not properly opened, the water will not drain out. After the water vapor evaporates for a long time, it will enter the glass interlayer to generate fog.

2, the installation position of the septum is not reasonable. The septum is pasted along the edge of the glass without leaving a certain gap. This easily causes the septum to directly contact the rainwater and adsorb it to form water vapor between the glass.

3, the glass seal is not tight, the four sides of the sealant played unevenly, there are leaks.


1. Use hollow glass as much as possible. Insulating glass can greatly avoid this phenomenon.

2, glass gasket should be installed, the spacer should be arranged 1-2mm from the glass, and 3-4mm from the lower side of the glass. This can avoid the contact of the septum with the water. Of course, it should be better to choose a septum with good quality and low water absorption.

3. The sealing of the glass should be tight, and the operation should be carefully and carefully. The main cause of this problem in actual production is caused by poor sealing.

4. A layer of glass glue on the outside of the spacer in the bottom layer can relieve the septum from rain.

5, the opening of the air pressure balance hole and the drainage hole is very necessary.

The middle part of the double-glazed glass is tightly sealed by the glue. Under the protection of double-glazed glass, do not want to escape any of its gases, and don’t think about the hot and humid gases outside. Dive into your home through double glazing. It is often said that as long as there is the sun’s light, it is necessary to wipe the sunscreen to fight ultraviolet rays, but the double-layer glass has a strong ability to resist ultraviolet rays, and it is not necessary to consider sunscreen. Therefore, it is really easy to install a double-glazed glass at home. Use the method mentioned in the article, and don’t be afraid of water fog anymore!
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