In 2018, a new smart home group photo will be released to make family life smarter.

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The world is undoubtedly crazy. The pace of rapid development of the times is hard to follow. Not only is the business verification cycle becoming shorter, but the topic of public opinion is also rapidly turning. The previous paragraph is still discussing that artificial intelligence will replace human conquest of the entire universe. Just began to study how the blockchain changes the world.

In addition to the sublimation of the soul, the closest thing to the reality of the physical body should be the smart family, the intelligent building, but this topic is not like live broadcast, artificial intelligence, million questions, blockchain, bit The currency is “popular”, but it is more like an old bacon. After the weather, the weather has become salty and hard, and it can be chewed repeatedly.

During the Spring Festival, when talking with an investor about smart home, he said that he is not optimistic, at least in the short term, it is difficult to develop. The reason is very simple. The supply side does not give a clear definition and boundary to the smart home. Consumers at the demand side do not even know what kind of smart home they want. There is no supply and demand relationship on both sides, and how come the market size, market competition pattern or market variables.

Brand melee, lack of industry standards is a common problem in smart homes. In the previous year, the billion-dollar think tank released “Working for nothing? How far is the string of smart homes pulled” also emphasizes that intelligence The current performance of the home is much less than ideal. In addition to the influence of social cognition, consumption habits, technical ability and other factors, the national policy and entrepreneurial environment also inhibit its development.

But it is not difficult to find that investment and financing institutions still have high expectations for this cake. According to the report of Yiou Home, many smart home financing events were reported at the beginning of 2018: 2018 1 On the 4th of the month, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise “Green Rice has exceeded 100 million B rounds. On January 8th, smart door and window enterprises”, source code intelligence tens of millions of yuan A round, February 1, smart bed enterprise “麒盛科技” Received a strategic investment of 200 million yuan from Red Star Macalline and other institutions. On February 5th, Hangzhou Gubei Electronics (BroadLink) 343 million D round …

compared to other industries, smart home entry players In fact, it is not too small. Although there is no enterprise that occupies a place, the stability of enterprises in this field is relatively high, and it may also be attributed to the attributes of the industry. The technology-based enterprises themselves have relatively high thresholds and will not be easily affected by industry variables. influences.

Billion Europe is committed to introducing new technologies, new ideas and new policies into the real economy. Smart homes are an industry that combines new technologies with industry. Although the results of smart homes are not obvious at present, as long as the direction is correct, the future is still expected. Based on this, Yiou think tank has compiled a map of the smart family market and combed the world famous smart home brand, which can be simply understood as a record of the brand of smart home.

You can get some information through the above map:

1) Most brands still stay In the areas where they are good at manufacturing, there is obvious labeling; for example, according to product division, smart small household appliances, smart wearable devices, smart sensors and other fields have strong brand recognition, according to the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, zero Component suppliers, control terminal products, and mobile communication terminals also have obvious differences;

2) In social cognition, smart home brand recognition is not high, and consumers’ perception of brands is mostly based on The product, not the technology itself; for a simple example, when you introduce visitors to BroadLink’s switch sockets, it is often better than saying, “Bull,” Siemens explained that the cost is higher, and the guests may not remember Live; or you praise the smart system of your home is a good home, Ou Ruibo, or Nanjing IOT, I believe most people will not feel, compared to they are more envious of those non-intelligent brands Product;

3) Install Smart The cost of the home system; not to mention the price of the smart product itself, may be changed in recent years due to technological breakthroughs or market demand, but smart products are still different from traditional products, new in design, integration, construction The requirement is that the unified standard that truly integrates the interests of all parties in intelligent products is still uncertain. The self-contained group among enterprises has inevitably established “industrial barriers”;

However, there are many well-known brands such as Amazon in the above picture. In recent years, Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Haier, BAT, Jingdong, Xiaomi, etc. are also constantly adding smart homes, whether it is from the smart home entrance or from the combination of intelligent hardware and home products to find a breakthrough. Although the smart home does not have outstanding merits, very few people have sentenced to death. In other words, technology is constantly promoting the development of the industry, and it is further contributing to the pace of application of more scenarios. At the same time, the development of smart homes and the increase in market demand are also pressing the artificial intelligence to evolve at a higher level in the smart home field. The future is still worth looking forward to.

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