In the midsummer carnival, 900 steel people from more than 40 cities celebrated “Steel and Silver Day”

On August 3, the steel and silver e-commerce ushered in the most important day of the steel and silver people — — steel silver day. On the day of the festival, the blue tide, which represents the youth, blood and persistence of the steel and silver people, struck and brought together the hearts of every steel and silver person. Zhu Junhong, Chairman of the Board of Steel and Silver, Mr. Huang Jian, President, Wang Xiaonan, Vice President Wang Xiaonan, Nie Jingbo, Xu Saizhu and Yu Dahai attended the event and had a grand meeting with the staff.

Since the establishment of the steel and silver e-commerce company in 2008, after continuous exploration and precipitation, the steel spot trading platform For the core, it has built a whole industry chain ecological service system integrating online transaction, supply chain finance, payment and settlement, warehousing and processing, logistics and distribution, and data information. The closed-loop ecology of the entire industry chain of the platform has been highly recognized by industry customers. In 2017, the platform consignment transaction volume reached 22.1911 million tons, the average daily transaction number was more than 2,500 units, and the platform per capita performance has been increased to 5 times in the traditional industry. It has been proved by practice that steel e-commerce has a strong driving force for capacity optimization. Based on clear strategic concepts and years of deep cultivation, the number of users of steel and silver platform enterprises exceeds 90,000. It has 8 trading centers and 40 overseas service stations. Steel and silver e-commerce has also become a benchmark for China’s industrial Internet by virtue of its strength.

Steel and Silver Day is an important annual festival for steel and silver people. The national steel and silver people celebrated together and reunited together to focus on the present and look to the future.

On the morning of Steel Silver Day, a group of special small guests —— The fund’s growth trip to the poor left-behind children in the summer camp. This is the first time they have come to Shanghai. Accompanied by steel and silver volunteers and team leader teachers, they launched the first trip in their life. Zhu Junhong, the chairman of the steel and silver e-commerce company, gave each child a book entitled “How Steel Is Made” and sent a blessing and expectation: I hope that every child will become a steel-like person in the future. The Steel Union Group will also continue to pay attention to and help the children.

The distance of the space can’t stop the blood between the steel and silver people. At the scene of the “Steel Silver Day Carnival Party”, nearly 500 steel and silver people from all over the country gathered together. At the end of the Internet, steel and silver people from more than 40 service stations in the 8 major trading centers watched the night in front of the screen. Live broadcast.

At the party, Steel and Silver screened through the big data in the first half of 2018. “Silver and Silver Star, awarded by Wang Xiaonan, Nie Jingbo, Yu Haihai, three vice presidents. Finally, Chairman Zhu Junhong came to the finale and continued the tradition of the past years. He awarded a customized version of the honorary military card to the ten steel and silver employees, and expressed their gratitude to them for their persistence and dedication. 2018 Steel Silver Day ended successfully in the 10th anniversary cake sharing. Zhu Junhong, the chairman of the board, said at the end of the event: “The future of steel and silver still has a long way to go. Today our strategy and model have become clearer and clearer. We must be more convinced, adhere to the platform + service strategy, improve products and serve customers well. Adhere to the initial heart, carry forward the dream, go forward together, grow together, and contribute more power to the development of the industrial Internet.

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