Indian Green Court Judge: India’s economy is developing rapidly but many people are still not out of poverty

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to India’s “Economic Times” reported on November 25, India’s National Green Court Chairman Adash • Kumar & Bull; Goel Judge said that India’s rapid economic development is well known worldwide. However, a large proportion of the country still lives below the poverty line.

Goel made the remarks on the eve of the Indian Constitution Day. He said at a rally that day, India is undoubtedly developing, but also “not enough to meet the wishes of the freedom fighters who drafted the constitution”.

“Our economy is growing rapidly and has gained national dignity internationally. But there are still a large number of Indians still living below the poverty line. Some people lack food … … some people do not have a place to live and clothes,” Gore said. Goel said that in many parts of Odisha, people don’t have enough clothing to cover their bodies. The Indian government has been independent for 70 years, and they only use a piece of cloth to cover the body.

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