Indian scientists develop “detoxification gel” to help farmers avoid pesticide poisoning

[Global Network] Because of the lack of government regulation, the abuse of toxic pesticides in Amnesty is very popular in India, which makes farmers working in farmland face a lot of risks of. However, this issue may be effectively resolved in the near future. Indian researchers have developed a new gel that neutralizes toxicity, which will provide farmers with tangible protection.

According to a report by the American quartz network on November 26, researchers at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (InStem) in Bangalore have developed a polyfluorene gel that rapidly inactivates organic phosphorus. Several pesticides. They have published their research results in the journal Science & Bull; Progress last month.

It is reported that about 200,000 people worldwide die from organic phosphorus. Studies have shown that, like chemical weapons, organophosphorus inhibits neurotransmission mechanisms, leading to neurological disorders, suffocation, paralysis and death.

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