Inflatable building designed for nomads

The development of mobile homes throughout the twentieth century has greatly challenged the concept of housing itself. This kind of thinking moves with our own living space, rather than permanently occupying the place of residence, the dialectical alternation of existence and non-existence. Because of this mentality, the architect Raumlabor constructed the “Nomadic Inflatable Building”, retaining the habits of the nomads and the need to change the use of public space to discover the creation of this inflatable building, which is a unique creation, a temporary living residence and The disappearing place acts as an interchange between the two states.

Inflatable buildings are minimal structures that can be removed and repositioned. In doing so, the internal cavity is not assigned any specific procedures and is free to be used for various activities. As a result, the aim is to propose another way to experience the surrounding environment and the convenient interactive community.

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