Installation tips for bathroom ceilings

1. Ingenious use of space

The space of the general bathroom is relatively small. If you want to make good use of this small space, you should make a good renovation and layout of the bathroom. Some bathroom ducts are covered by walls and cannot be kept in the same plane as the front wall. At this time, the space can be used very well, and it can be designed as a dressing table, which not only beautifies the bathroom, but also is practical.

2. Breaking the traditional boundaries

Some traditional bathroom renovations focus on the privacy of the space. Now the bathroom decoration is more of a sense of overall space. People are more open and bold when decorating the bathroom, and the bathroom door will be replaced with a matte glass or clear glass, completely breaking the boundaries between the traditional bathroom and the bedroom. This design makes the bathroom more spacious and bright.

3. Ingenious use of natural light

In some traditional bathroom renovations, in order to protect privacy, bathroom decoration will be darker, resulting in insufficient light . Most of the current bathroom renovations are open plan, the bathroom has plenty of natural light, and then a mirror can be placed to reflect the light into the bedroom, which will have a better visual effect.

4.Uniform style

The bathroom decoration style can be unified with the bedroom decoration style, the bathroom and the bedroom are integrated, and the bathroom is cleverly placed Put it in the bedroom, it won’t be embarrassing, and the privacy of the bathroom is guaranteed.

Bathroom decoration precautions

1. Hydropower transformation should be professional

Bathroom hydropower Retrofitting is very important because the bathroom is the place to supply and supply electricity, and it is a place with lots of water, so pay attention to safety. The quality of hydropower materials is good and the layout of hydropower is reasonable. Its switch socket and wire end must be waterproof and moisture-proof.

2.Select floor tiles, wall tiles

The floor tiles of the bathroom must be chosen to have a non-slip effect, and the drainage slope of the tiles should be considered for water Usually it will flow into the floor drain. The choice of wall tiles should match the floor tiles and must be waterproof. This decoration will make the whole bathroom more harmonious and more beautiful.

3.Ensure ventilation

Good lighting When designing the bathroom, be sure to reserve windows for ventilation and lighting. To keep the air in the bathroom fresh, you can install an exhaust fan in the bathroom. The lighting in the bathroom should be lighter and better waterproof, so it is safer to use.

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