Is the quality of the crusted floor affected? That is the embodiment of natural beauty.

AboutFloorThe problem of crusade caused some unsatisfactory after-sales problems, and some may still be in dispute. Many consumers are struggling with thrift on the floor when buying the floor. There are many different opinions about the knots of trees. Today, China Flooring Network Xiaobian brings everyone to popularize the knowledge about wood flooring, let us go right together. Cognize it and unlock the knot to it~

The picture shows the knotted solid wood floor paving renderings. What do you think is the effect?

First talk about why there is a crusting, how does it come from? In fact, the source of crusting is divided into two types: one is a branch, and the other is a tree tumor. Just like the tree in the picture grows with the mind, there are branches everywhere. I can’t see it. It’s really too It’s wayward, it’s better to have a long tree, and the tree is cut into the floor made of raw materials. After leaving now lopping of “scarring.”

This is the “crust” of tree tumor formation “When the skin of the trunk is damaged, the screen inside is destroyed, and the screen is responsible for transporting the organic matter downwards. After being destroyed, the downward transport causes the organic matter to accumulate at the upper end of the damage. After a long time, it eventually forms. Nodular crusting

What are its characteristics?

The Germans have a saying that: the place where the trees are crusted is also the hardest place for the trunk, because in natureThe trees are full of wind and rain, and the trunks and branches will inevitably fall and break. However, there is always a chance to heal in a damaged place, and the broken place will be crusted. Just like the scars after our physical injuries, although the scarred areas are more ugly than other trunks, these scars have become the hardest and most powerful part of the tree. (Do you find that the scars on the body are also like this? Do not believe you Try to touch the scars by hand.) Reliably support the whole tree to continue to grow, straighten the blue sky, so the crusting is due to the natural formation of trees after years of natural growth is a gift that nature has given us, for which we Should not be excluded.

The knot also has a knot and a knot Points?

Slipknot: and The surrounding structure has a complete texture connection, no fracture formation and no core structure. One side of the floor has crusting points. For the sake of beauty, the relatively unpopular ones appear on the back of the floor.

Dead knot: The front and back sides of the floor have a crusting point at the same position and a circular or semi-circular separation from the surrounding structure, drying After the easy shrinkage of the leak, this is manually repaired.

Wood The raw materials for the flooring are derived from natural wood, which is unavoidable in terms of chromatic aberration and crusting. Many consumers (including dealers) often care too much about this problem when purchasing solid wood flooring. They feel that they have spent so much money and bought a defective product. The majority of domestic consumers are ugly in their eyes. And cheap is not even acceptable. From the traditional Chinese point of view, the lack of scarring of wood is a good quality performance, and the quality of the knotted wood is poor. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Now, we already know the knots of trees. The place is the strongest place for trees. This is a proof of natural wood. It is also a personalized feature. When you taste it carefully, you will find the beauty that is unique.

Let us be correct To recognize “it”, tolerant and accept this natural gift, to be an eco-consumer, any tree can not avoid the thrift, these natural imprints are the proof of the natural wood from the natural, the durability of these natural imprints on the wood And the structure is intact without damage, so the floor with “crust” is not a quality problem! At the same time, the “crusted” floor is not a cheap logo!

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