Is the size of your sofa the right one?

For the sofa, the living room is their stage. According to the size of the living room, choosing the right sofa style and size will not only enhance the overall atmosphere of the living room, but also give the sofa a great space to show its charm. Therefore, when you decorate the living room, you must first understand the size of the living room, choose the favorite sofa through the size of the right, let the space to maximize the benefits. It’s useless to talk about the empty mouth, so let’s talk with the actual case!

●Living room area: 27m2

● sofa back wall (cm): 579cm

● sofa size (cm): W320xD100cm

When the living room is renovated, choose the sofa you like, against the wall What can I do if I can’t handle it? The case is chosen according to the size of the living room. In the size of a 3-seater, put a space, and put two to exceed the size of the back wall. After many discussions, I chose to use two modules to face the TV wall in a V-shaped shape, so that the living room has a sense of concentration and the visual effect is more layered.

The sofa you choose has a high back style and special side The leather design, combined with the light and simple base line, presents a conflicting aesthetic that is both luxurious and refined, creating an extremely distinctive mark for the space.

●Living room area: 30m2

● Sofa back wall (cm): 576.5cm

● Sofa size (cm): W358xD228cm

Want to create a luxurious living room atmosphere, choose a large set of sofas right! The living room decoration design style of this case is luxurious in the classic style. In the large space living room, I want to choose a sofa that can set off the living room. After selection, I choose a large L-shaped sofa that combines comfort and function. The leather uses a light earth color to add a warm, saturated feel to the living room.

This sofa features a goose-waist pillow for the waist Fully supported, the cushion is moderately soft and suitable for people of all ages. The wide and thick handrails allow the hands to be placed comfortably. The legs are cut with metal iron pieces, and the different materials combine to create layers that embellish the modern and modern atmosphere.

●Living room area: 33m2

● sofa back wall (cm): 520cm

● sofa Dimensions (cm): W215cmxD105cm

The living room is biased towards the square. If the L-shaped sofa is used, the space is easy to produce pressure. The large-sized module is too standard. Therefore, it is decided to put two sets of three-seat sofas side by side. Almost the same width as the sofa wall, there is a small space next to it, you can consider placing a small coffee table.

If you consider the pattern, you want to reduce the oppression of space, and With some changes, you can use the method of module splicing to create a novel mirror effect like a homeowner.

●Living room size: 40m2

● sofa back wall (cm): 679cm

● sofa size ( Cm): W410cmxD278cm

When there are many family members And often need to receive guests, the principle of this house owner to choose a sofa is definitely worthy of reference! Because the width of the back wall of the sofa is large enough, the large-size L-shaped sofa can be used to present a magnificent home atmosphere. When guests visit, the focus can be placed on the sofa, whether it is to stay in the living room, wine tasting, talking, watching Movies, even celebrations, are quite suitable.

Select an ivory sofa to add a little modern classic to the space The atmosphere, the interpretation of the elegant and luxurious texture is quite in place, the sofa is full and comfortable, and the comfort of the house can definitely make the owner feel comfortable and relaxed!

Through these living room decoration sofa placement cases, we can clearly see that the size of the sofa and the width of the main wall are accurate, and the visual ratio will naturally be quite Pretty! To sum up, the size of the sofa is about two-thirds of the width of the main wall. Through different combinations, the change is different. Is the size of your sofa the right one?


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