It is called life in modern kitchens!

The life of modern people is becoming more and more “petty”, clothing, Home style always shows the pursuit of lifestyle. The small kitchen has become the “speaker” of quality life, carrying the lifestyle and story of a person and a family through food.

People’s pursuit of food has gradually risen to The realm of life aesthetics can be seen from the fiery degree of “China on the tip of the tongue.” Not only pay attention to the quality of the ingredients, but also pay attention to the atmosphere of the kitchen, the mood of the chef.

The 2017 China Internet Consumer Ecology released by CBNData The Big Data Report found that the quality consumer demand of consumers has been upgraded again in 2017, and more attention has been paid to the small details of improving the quality of life, making the vertical subdivisions more popular. From the design of the whole kitchen to the thickness of the props, it has become the object of the “choosy” of the cooks, and strives to be more perfect in all aspects of the kitchen.

In the modern kitchen decoration, efficient, Smoke-free, easy-to-clean, and environmentally friendly have become “standard.” The choice of materials for the countertops is also very particular, and quartz countertops have gradually become the first choice for modern kitchen countertops. Due to its excellent characteristics of environmental protection, stain resistance, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, non-toxicity and no radiation, the quartz stone with excellent quality is also widely used in cabinet countertops.

In the “battlefield” filled with fireworks, collar quartz The stone can achieve the effect that the liquid such as soy sauce and oil does not ooze, and the knives pass through without leaving marks, which brings great convenience to the daily kitchen life. In addition, the unique texture, such as the texture of the fat, has become an expression of the self-lifestyle of many owners.

Leading Quartz Stone LS-5211 Red Bean Acacia

Leading Quartz Stone LS-8115 Black Forest

Modern kitchen decoration pays attention to functional aesthetics, and collar quartz stone has always pursued quality Balance with art design. As an important product project of China Liansu, the texture design and shape design of the collar quartz stone cater to the kitchen space style that young people like, while the excellent products such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, dirt resistance and easy cleaning are free of “clean kitchen.” “Wait for peace of mind.”

Leading Quartz Stone LS-9221 Tobago

Leading Quartz Stone LS-6153 Shirley

The combination of “quality” and “fashion” makes the practical kitchen space more artistic. Through the upgrade process, the collar quartz stone enhances the quality and function of the stone and brings more visually innovative products. Let more consumers feel the beauty and enjoy the moodCooking fun.

There is a modern kitchen that allows it to live in the kitchen It has become simpler and more fashionable. Those who know how to live can always find fun in the four seasons, making the day interesting.

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