Italian President authorized Renzi to form a new government

Italy’s left-wing Democratic leader Matteo · Renzi was authorized by President Napolitano on the 17th to form a new government and become the candidate.

After obtaining authorization, Renzi announced that he would organize a consultation on the 18th and that the new government’s primary task is to solve the employment problem. “I have reservations to accept the president’s authorization …… Under such a difficult situation, I promise to make all efforts. ”

According to local media reports, Renzi will submit a cabinet list to the President before the 20th of this month, and will be formally sworn in after approval. If the cabinet is successful, the 39-year-old Renzi will become the youngest prime minister in Italian history.

Renzi is a reform radical, and the ruling philosophy is relatively open, and the economy tends to be an American-style market economy system. After being elected as the general secretary of the Democratic Party, he and the former Prime Minister Leita constantly clashed, repeatedly accusing the Leita government of delays in reform, slow decision-making, and lack of courage to deal with the key issues facing Italy.

On the 13th, Renzi proposed at the Democratic Party meeting to change the government in order to quickly implement reform measures and express his views on the political future of Italy. In the subsequent voting, Renzi’s proposal was approved by the majority. Leta subsequently announced his resignation as prime minister. (Reporter Liu Yu)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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