It’s so ugly to enter the door, so it’s really beautiful.

First, the wall-mounted shoe cabinet

It is now more popular to build the wall-mounted shoe cabinet, not only because it can release the space of porch, effective The use of wall space, more because the wall-mounted shoe cabinet is more atmospheric, can make the entrance more modern home improvement trend. At the same time, this kind of wall-mounted shoe cabinet has a large space, which can satisfy the storage and storage of many items.

Conclusion: The design of the porch is quite practical and beautiful. For a small space such as indoors, we need not only the value but also the practicality. Therefore, such a porch design is more in line with the aesthetic needs of our home improvement. If you are preparing a decoration decoration porch, not only use these designs to create a more colorful porch environment.

Relevant recommended products

cable wrapping foil

Galvanized or Alu-zinc Steel PPGI/Color coated steel plate/Cold Rolled/PE


10mm white PVC foam sheet with good quality

0.6/1KV,low voltage,XLPE insulated,aluminum conductor,power cable

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