Lakeside house

Valléede Joux in Switzerland, MW / The Houseby the Lake is designed by a couple Ralph Germann for a couple. They are eager to have a house and look at Lake Juks.

The other wish of the couple is to build a modern family with a reasonable budget. To achieve this goal, the architects used prefabricated timber building systems on the facades and gables of the building and built a prefabricated timber system in the factory and assembled them on site. The rest of the house is made of concrete, which allows the preform to be attached to the concrete internal structure. Due to the abundance of spruce trees in the area, they were used to create façade structures that covered the insulating fiberglass and then covered more spruce. This method of construction reduces costs while also reducing environmental impact and construction time.

Architects all solid larchs have designed outdoor dining tables.

Architects also use the birch veneer to design interior tables, shelves and cabinets that continue the warmth of wood.

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