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With the globalization of the economy and the further expansion of the opening up policy, the development of Chinese brands in the domestic market and the international market is in full swing. China has gradually moved from the past “production countries” to “big brands”, and domestic brand design has evolved.

As we all know, brand design is the core of the brand, an important step in establishing a brand image, and the key to increasing the added value of products and increasing market share. So, we may wish to start from the well-known three brand design masters in China to see what level of domestic brand design is above.


Reluctantly, born in Hong Kong, he advocates integrating the essence of Chinese traditional culture into the concept of modern Western design. He emphasized that this kind of integration is not a simple addition, but a fusion of profound understanding of Chinese culture. In his consciousness, “beautiful design is not necessarily a good design. The best design is those that suit the company and fit the product.

For example, the logo of Chongqing’s urban image propaganda, “Everyone Chongqing, barely will be two joys of joy The “overlapping” of human figures has become a “clearing word, taking “double celebration”, people-oriented, hand in hand. Water and ink are the materials, the landscape is the theme, combined with the practicality and artistry of the text. From a distance, it is a magnificent grass. In the near view, it is the landscape of the peaks and turns, barely for the careful layout of the Chongqing. Sexual sway, pour the secluded chest in the heart of the words, draw the words in my heart, let the traditional Chinese ink shine.

Chen Youjian

Chen Youjian was born in Hong Kong, China, and is a Chinese culture. The heritage is very persistent and deeply loves Chinese traditional culture, but this deep love does not turn him into a tradition of “old art”, perfect for Western aesthetics and oriental culture, giving the work a traditional charm without losing fashion taste. Elegant.

In 2000, Chen Youjian’s poster for Rossini’s watches impressed many people on the poster. The scale is not the previous Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, but is replaced by some incomplete texts, but the movement of the hour hand can add a moment to each moment, making it a complete Chinese lowercase number, concisely and clearly Reflecting the creativity of the dial, this is the ultimate embodiment of Chinese elements used in modern design, such design products are not only beautiful but also very interesting. It is undeniable that from Chen Youjian’s works, we can appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional culture in a design full of Western sentiments.

Xia Ke

Hong Kong, China, as a place of harmony between Chinese and Western cultures, breeds A lot of designers in the design industry, but in the case of inland, contact with foreign design smoked later, there are also some brand design masters, Xia Ke is one of them.

The same as the first two, Xia Ke insisted that the core of the design is also the Chinese traditional culture. From the early years of studying oil painting to the later focusing on ink painting, Shake’s strong Chinese complex is reflected. After working in the food field, he also opened a proper term in the field of food packaging —— Chinese post-modern food packaging design. Combining Chinese traditional culture with modern aesthetics into design, this can be called pure original “Chinese design”.

Located in the specialty, he settled at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province. Before, it was the ordinary cheap rice candy, Xia Ke’s intervention, let “Shovel shovel turned into a body”, Zhang Renfang, became the world-famous “Taojia rice candy.” Among them, “The key to the world of Zhangrenfang is the Taoist brand culture that Xia Ke has instilled in it. Grasping the characteristics of Qingcheng Mountain, the birthplace of Taoism, its vegetarian culture is blended with” Shovel shovel in the rice candy, and on the packaging, the image of the man is selected as the main element, the whole package is skillfully used to form the image of the keeper in a paper bag, and the rope is tied to the crown of the keeper, and it is taken without a bundle! Shaped like an angry hair rushing crown; bundled, molded! Xianfeng bone.

In fact, no matter the Hong Kong design masters mentioned here, Qiang Qiang, Chen Youjian, or inland design master Xia Ke, their design style, combines traditional Chinese culture without exception. Today’s brand design industry is no longer the past era of “Chongyang Meiwai,” whether it is “Chinese and Western” or “China” postmodern, bringing the history and culture of China’s 5,000 years of history to the international arena. Let Chinese brands be known to the world, and let Chinese design be recognized by the world!

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