Luxury Moscow apartment

Russian real estate developer Barkli has developed a new Barkli building in the prestigious Golden Zone of downtown Moscow. The project consists of 21 unique apartments and two top-level units. In the public areas, including the lobby and the outdoor terrace, the style of designer Kelly is reflected. Kelly is considered to be the most influential master of style in the UK, with his own studio in London. Her style blends simplicity with a rich texture and luxurious decor. When designing a specific space, she strictly uses the grid system to analyze the space, depict the vision, and process the structure to establish order. From the room design of the Barkli building, we can see the keen sense of the Kelly team’s design, and the design of the details is not sloppy.

In the Barkli building, Kelly created four different design styles, including vintage, urban, green and On the waterfront, all the furniture in the room was specially designed by Kelly himself. Kelly said: “The success of this project is very meaningful to me. I have been working hard to ensure that the designed apartment reflects the ultimate luxury. & rdquo; At present, the design has been deeply loved by the Russian market, representing the new luxury life of capitalists.

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