Ma Shi, this stone is very special, innate protection is very important

Ma Shi is a kind of granite. It belongs to acidic igneous rock. It has hard texture and weather resistance. The surface of the stone is pockmarked, with black and white spots, red and black spots, etc. Ma Ma is a kind of granite with a dense density and a hard texture. , often used as architectural decoration, sculpture sculpture. Due to the rough surface of the stone, it is easy to absorb and accumulate dirt. Therefore, it is very important to carry out innate protection treatment on the stone.
  Maststone renovation method:

  1, before the paving, comprehensive protection of the stone;

 &emsp 2, after paving, use the gauze curing agent to use the closed, smear method for care;

  3, after a long time of use, the surface of the gushstone has lost its original color, can be used for renovation The way to the overall renovation of the stone. The refurbished gem is again cured according to the maintenance standards, thereby improving the wear resistance, stain resistance and enjoyability of the stone.

  Special offer:

  1, general indoor stone, clean and decontamination, and then choose protective agent or sealant for curing; Br />
  2, outdoor masonry, the requirements for protection is very high. First clean or renovate the surface;

  3, select and use silane-based protective agent for impregnation protection. It can play a protective role.
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