Megyn Kelly’s plan to interview Alex Jones angers Sandy Hook shooting victims’ parents

Megyn Kelly, the new star of NBC on Sunday nights, is off to a less-than-compelling start as she now gears the country up for “controversies and conspiracies” in her interview with the far-right InfoWars host Alex Jones.¬†One of his most disgusting conspiracy theories was that the Sandy Hook shooting was actually a hoax, and a mother who lost her child in the tragedy is speaking out against the interview.Next Sunday, I sit down with conservative radio host @RealAlexJones to discuss controversies and conspiracies #SundayNight June 18 on NBC — Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) June 11, 2017In a series of tweets Nelba Marquez-Greene, a mother who lost her daughter in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, expressed her disgust for Kelly’s substandard journalistic behavior.

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