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The topic of assembly-style decoration can attract a lot of attention, especially in the last two years, it has attracted special attention and favor. Not only is it after a long chat, but many innovative companies are beginning to take practical actions.

Perhaps the Chinese decoration industry has been criticized for a long time. The traditional decoration method has not spawned a truly large-scale branding enterprise. What is more anxious is that the traditional decoration market is extremely scattered, heavily dependent on labor, on-site construction. The work is not environmentally friendly, the user experience is poor, and the satisfaction is extremely low. In the past few years, driven by the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the decoration industry has been subject to short-term attention and betting on the capital market because of its large market size, but because most companies have not brought any changes to the industry, The enterprises themselves do not have the ability to deliver quality. A large number of enterprises have burned a virtual fire under the help of capital. In the end, they have been killed in succession. Both capital and entrepreneurs have suffered great frustration and internal injuries.

The old productivity mode and the acceleration of industrial innovation are gradually out of touch. Everyone is thinking about whether a new production method can really change the status quo of the industry. Regarding the new way of productivity, the most discussed is “" Assembly-style decoration, consisting of integrated design, prefabricated production, assembly and installation, and information management constitutes several major features of assembly-style decoration. The essence is that industrial production thinking replaces on-site processing thinking, and modularizes the housing structure space. Through the industrial production, the integrated parts are installed, the construction period is greatly reduced, the uncontrollability of the workers’ technology is reduced, and the labor costs and material costs are also reduced. These highlights have attracted the attention of many investment banks, industry players and consumers. It seems that the industry is reaching a consensus, and assembly decoration is the next future.

Looking at the assembly decoration from another dimension, that is the labor force population. During the two sessions in 2019, the digital changes in the labor force are worthy of industry-wide attention:

& nbsp; From the supply side, the working-age population continues to decrease, with a cumulative reduction of about 28 million since 2012. The transfer of rural labor to cities has slowed markedly. The annual increase in the number of migrant workers has dropped from 12.45 million in 2010 to 1.84 million in 2018.

The digital change in the labor force is also reminding that the artificial dividend is fading. If the decoration industry continues to use traditional construction methods, there may be pressure on employment; of course, similar situations may not occur in the short term. In addition, the policy orientation is also accelerating the accelerated development of assembly-style decoration. The State Council and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have issued a series of related documents. In the industry, it is necessary to use a newer productivity thinking and efficiency thinking to start a new round of industrial transformation. Industrialization will become a more important new topic.

On March 29 this year, Yiou Home held a prefabricated decoration industry forum in Shanghai, attracting first-line investors, assembly-style decoration enterprises, home building materials companies to participate, from new technologies and capital. , manufacturing, application scenarios and other dimensions focus on the assembly-style decoration industry as a new variable in the entire industry transformation, how will the chemical reaction in the future?

Representative in the field of assembly decoration There are not many companies, and the company has been deeply cultivating the industry for many years. From the earliest products to the standards to the whole industry chain, whether it is the design link, the manufacturing, construction, and the human habitation, the assembly decoration is beginning to be completed. During the whole link, many engineering projects were practiced in Beijing and Tianjin, and the cumulative service customers reached 60,000 sets, which has accumulated a certain brand influence. At present, we are actively building more intelligent manufacturing production bases for assembly and decoration to cover more areas of service. Up to now, it has become a full-product, full-process, all-technology assembly-style decoration development system and an all-industry ecological platform.

The industry is hot, attracting many participants to carve up the market. Founded in 2018, Zhongyu Residential Technology is one of the intelligent manufacturing enterprises of assembly and decoration parts. Although the establishment of Zhongxiang Residential Technology is short, it is an innovative company, and it also chooses a special but not enemies. In the words of Wu Tangxiang, the founder of Zhongxiang Residential Technology, if the assembly decoration and traditional decoration are an iteration Transformation, then we want to be the arms dealer in this iterative transformation, to provide decoration companies with the support of internal parts and system solutions, which is the positioning of Zhongyu. From the point of view of brand positioning, Zhongyu plays the role of an enabler. Since its establishment, the company’s overall development strategy and business development have been relatively smooth. The company has completed two rounds of financing, and the business level has gradually opened up. On March 18th, 2019, the intelligent intelligent production base with high intelligence, advanced equipment and large capacity —— Zhongxiang residential technology and East China production base was officially mass-produced in Yancheng, Jiangsu. The production base of Yancheng is expected to have an annual output of 30,000. It is equipped with a built-in whole house system with an annual output of 5.5 million square meters of calcium silicate decorative panels, 1.1 million square meters of waterproof trays, 8 million square meters of overhead floor, and an annual output value of 700 million yuan. This is the establishment of a residential technology for just one year. Fortunately, it is a new starting point.

Although the assembly decoration is a sunrise industry with high growth rate, from the perspective of penetration rate, it is still at a relatively early stage of development. From the existing market competition pattern, it can be built. In the north, it has initially established its own influence. From the perspective of growth time and practical projects, it is a leading enterprise in the assembly-type decoration industry, and Zhongyu Residential Technology is an innovative enterprise, accelerating its running with the role of component parts and arms dealers. The production base in Yancheng, Jiangsu has gradually matured, the production capacity has increased, and the demand for orders has grown steadily. The superposition of all aspects of the chips has also made Zhongxiang’s empowerment to the B-end industry.Speed ​​up the foothold in the East China market. North and Neng, Nanzhongyu, the former chooses EPC as the main track, and the latter chooses the channel as the track. No matter which track is selected, it accelerates the pace of assembly decoration, whether it is commercial value or application scenario, the future. There is enough room for imagination to dig, and the whole decoration will start to surge.

In the next few years, the market-strucking of assembly-style decoration will become more and more fierce. At the same time, it will grow faster than we think. It represents a new kind of The productivity structure model is constantly adding new forces to this track. In the future, this track will become more and more crowded. We can understand the changes in the assembly decoration industry from the industrial end and the consumer side:

From the industrial point of view, the rise of the assembly decoration industry will drive the entire manufacturing industry to change. In the past, traditional manufacturing companies need to adjust their development pace from the perspective of thinking and role, from traditional single manufacturing. The role of the person to the role of the whole industry service, from the traditional materials to the direction of new materials to upgrade, the future may be a shared industrial-wide ecological synergy mechanism, the role of the transformation and the upgrade of thinking are also forced to the original industry The pattern began to reorganize.

From the perspective of consumers, at present, the application scenarios of assembly-style decoration are mainly in hotels, apartments, and affordable housing projects. With the application scene gradually expanding, in the future, in the popular home decoration consumption scene, it will also be certain Infiltration, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, more efficient industrial production methods, lower costs, and more technically skilled technologies will enhance the sense of living of consumers. As mentioned earlier, policy-driven Renovation and delivery to replace the rough room will also accelerate consumer awareness of assembly decoration to a certain extent.

The situation is stronger than people, and people are better than things. From the industrial end or the consumer side, or from the influx of players, assembly-style decoration will be a hot topic. Yiou Home believes that whether it is construction or decoration, it will not be from the past data standards. Collaboration, information asymmetry, low efficiency, high cost, grafting new technology, data collaboration and open interoperability, project precise and flexible management upgrade, this is the evolution of the offline era to the data age, this acceleration of industrial upgrading is irreversible, Innovative companies in the field of assembly and decoration, represented by Nengrenju and Zhongyu Residential Technology, have the opportunity to reconstruct new service formats. Perhaps from 2020, the impact of fabricated technology on the entire decoration industry will continue to intensify. This is a new technology, new ideas, new policies, new directions to the traditional decoration industry initiated efficiency, experience, cost war, which may be a recalculation after the originally unstable rankings were completely broken up.

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