Old floor renovation should not be blind.

Silk flooring is a common material for floor decoration in modern home decoration due to its comfortable feet and natural fragrance. However, after a long period of trampling and natural conditions, the wooden floor will have more or less various losses. In order to keep the ground bright and avoid unnecessary expenses, floor renovation is a good choice, which can make the ground look new. Below, follow the small series to understand the precautions for floor renovation.

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1, old floor performance is stable


Floor refurbishment refers to the process of sanding, scraping, lacquering, waxing and polishing the floor surface to make the old floor a new floor treatment method. This method is lower than the re-purchase of new floor, and the old floor Due to long-term use, performance has been stabilized and environmental performance is better than new flooring.

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2, poor maintenance needs to be refurbished

floor renovation time and maintenance efforts have a lot to do. If you pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, there is no big problem. Even if it has been used for many years without obvious damage, there is no need to refurbish it. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, there will be floor problems such as paint falling and cracking. If the refurbishment is carried out as soon as possible, if the problem is not dealt with in time, the problem of the floor will become more and more serious, and in the end, the floor can only be replaced.

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3, what floor can be refurbished


After the three types of solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and bamboo flooring are damaged, refurbishment measures can be taken, but the premise is that the surface of the floor reaches 4 mm. If the surface of the floor is too thin, it will be ground when grinding. The middle layer affects the service life of the floor. The laminate flooring is not recommended for renovation. First, the price is lower, the price of renovation and re-purchase is not much different. Second, the surface layer of the laminate floor is the hardest part, and the surface will be resistant when refurbished and polished. The wear layer is destroyed, revealing the middle glue layer, which easily causes the floor to age.

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4, serious damage directly replaced

not all problematic floor can be refurbished, mildew, deformation and other serious damage to the floor can only be replaced directly. The mildew of the floor will generally penetrate into the interior of the floor. The grinding can only remove the surface, and there is mold in the interior of the floor; the deformation of the floor cannot be solved by grinding. If the floor has a large area of ​​mildew and deformation, it is recommended to re-purchase the new floor for laying.

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5, partial renovation is not acceptable


Floor renovation is not recommended for partial renovation. The overall renovation of the floor in a space is better, and the effect of the new floor can be basically achieved. Partial renovation will result in new and old differences in the floor within the unified space. The longer the time, the more obvious the difference. Not conducive to the overall beauty of the home.

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