Furniture designed for compact spaces okorder

Vancouver studio Corelam creates a practical, simple and beautiful design. Most importantly, they chose to focus on sustainability and processes, using environmentally friendly materials to reduce their impact on the environment. They launched a three-piece collection called Tidal, which is suitable for people who often move or live in smaller spaces.
Lean is a minimalist wall-mounted bookcase with five shelves for your books or decorative items. It is lightweight and requires only one tool to assemble.

Capilano is a shelf that is fixed to the wall. The top 15 “wavy” forms can hook your coat, bag, scarf, or other item.
Round can be used as a square table, bedside table, or stool. Its one hole makes it easy to pin the cable of your smartphone or device, and the internal space can be used to store your stuff.

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Gold sauna okorder

The town of Lapland, Finland will start an urban transformation project with the help of developer Riksbyggen. To celebrate this opportunity, artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström were commissioned to create a social structure that allows citizens and visitors to see and discuss the upcoming changes in the area. They designed a golden sauna with a small face called SOLAR EGG.
The design of SOLAR EGG is inspired by Kiruna’s Arctic climate. The two used the shape of the egg as a symbol of rebirth.

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New luminaires for New York lighting manufacturers okorder

New York lighting manufacturer Roll & Hill recently introduced some new collections for its modern lights.
The Kazimir long chandelier was inspired by Russian modernism in the early 20th century. It uses texture and stained glass and is a geometric sculpture.

The Coax collection combines metal, glass and light, resulting in a cylindrical fixture that seems to be suspended in the air.

Esper transformed the ubiquitous lanterns hanging outside Japanese restaurants.

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Swedish brand A2 launches new work in 2017 okorder

Sara Larsson is the designer behind the young Swedish brand A2 and has just launched a new 2017 collection.
Beam is a modern storage cabinet with timeless lines. The door panel and the two sides have a slot pattern giving it a unique look.
Collect 2016 is a cabinet collection with a square pattern.
Keep is a modern wardrobe with a high oak frame that reduces the visual weight of the overall design.

The Snow coffee table not only provides storage, but also a double-decker glass table to showcase your favorite items.

The Party collection includes bar tables and stackable bar stools for flexibility.

Big Move is a convenient triangular cart that can be used as a coffee table or bar. It has a leather covered handle and a lower marble shelf.

Fellow’s eight hooks help you save items, come in different sizes to hang jackets and bags, and more.

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This is a mini home with a passive solar design okorder

This is a mini home with a passive solar design built with sustainable building materials. The small house on this wheel can be easily moved. Wood paneling gives it a warm and cozy appearance, with glass doors and windows that bring plenty of natural light and beautiful views around. The total area of ​​the structure is 20 feet x 8 feet.

Another interesting small residential concept was designed by students at Santa Clara University. The project won the crown of California’s first miniature house competition. The house has 238 square feet, called rEvolve, citing its most interesting feature: tracking the sun every day to optimize solar energy acquisition. The structure has eight solar panels that store electrical energy in the seawater battery.

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Building with extraordinary architectural structure okorder

In 2016, Zaha Hadid Architects completed the new Port house in Antwerp, Belgium. This is a 12,800 square meter structure that is an extension of an old fire station and has been converted into a port headquarters. The building can accommodate up to 500 people. In an in-depth analysis of the terrain and existing buildings, the architect proposed a design that blends old and new buildings, making the structure a new landmark for the port.
Although not fully completed, the Elbphilharmonic Concert Hall has become a landmark in Hamburg, Germany. The building was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and will be open to the public in January 2017. The structure has a glass enclosure and is located on the banks of the Elbe River. The project began in 2003 but was delayed due to financial and legal issues. The building will consist of three concert halls, a large educational district, a hotel and an observation platform with panoramic views of the city.
The unique design of the musical theatre and exhibition halls in Tbilisi, Georgia is definitely something to be reckoned with. The complex structure was designed by Fuksas, with two huge tubular structures leading to the street and garden. The two structures are connected by walls and contain a music theater and exhibition hall with a total of 566 seats. The idea behind this unusual design is to create a city’s periscope in a unique way.

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Innovative design of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair okorder

This is by BlankBlankDesignedCampChair. This is a lounge chair placed in an armchair, giving it a feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

Innovation CThe cushioned swivel chair brings a lot of fun, because you can sit on it in any direction. Sit, sit facing the table, or use the armrest as a backrest.

AmorphCruxcoffee table is a sensual sculpture. The two pieces of furniture combine to form a clever table base for modern and contemporary rooms. It is made of sturdy ash wood.

TurnSit-up benches have interesting strap details. The bench mats and matching sofas are made up of two colors so you can change your decor at will.

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The latest lighting design of the Paris Home Furnishings Expo okorder

PendeenThe chandelier is a large copper fixture that covers the trenches with grooves on the surface. The two suspension arms support the luminaire and look amazing.

Pierre- Marie Couturier is an interior designer whose composing collection contains Baroque style luminaires.

Lodge The chandelier has a spherical style and is suitable for a variety of interior styles.

The interior of these lights is more dramatic. The metal surface emphasizes the cast metal pattern.

AndersLights have a kind of leisure The feeling is that it is made of banana stem fiber layers. Since each lamp is handmade, they all have different appearances.

Soren Lights have The copper frame, when the lamp is lit, the inner frame can be seen through the lampshade made of banana stem fiber.

Denmark Design CompanyNormanncreated these A practical bell light with four neutral colors and a small, medium or large version. Like a chameleon, this adaptable design is suitable for any style of home decoration.

Vancouver, CanadaMolo DesignExploring the research and manufacturing space of materials. Their Cloud SoftlightThe lights create a undulating and soft form of light. The lights are of different sizes and the interior is LEDLights.

Luna RossaThe chandelier has a hemispherical lampshade and a hand-made rusted appearance. Inside is a white lacquer and an invisible light source: the light is diffused inside the lampshade, a small white steel circle The top is hiddenLEDring.

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Fantasy bohemian room decoration okorder

Look at this living room full of eclectic and natural decorative items. We like the flower carpets and prints in the room. The gallery wall filled with birds helps to highlight this theme.

Even if you decide to use bohemian style, you can still bring femininity. Using corals and a neutral tone that keeps the cream, you will immediately add a little more to the room.

The best way to add texture to the corners and crevices of a bohemian space is to add some crystal or agate blocks. They will bring beautiful colors and uniqueness, which are rarely used indoors.

Create a bohemian style related to small details that relate to the lights of the space. Whenever possible, we all like mixed lighting, combining natural light, romantic candles and some industrial chandeliers, which create amazingly interesting tastes.

The key to trying bohemian decor is knowing how to mix and match. This is especially true for colors. When adding different colors to the space, don’t be afraid to use a variety of colors.

Another great addition to your bohemian style home or room The details are a little fringe lace. These structures look like artwork on the wall, if you use a room partition to make a slightly larger design.

When creating a bohemian style in your home, think about the overall feeling you want. If you want something chic, look for simple large furniture pieces and add bohemian accessories to transform the area.

Learn how to layer, which is also suitable for corners. Layer furniture, textures and accessories to create a comprehensive style. If you really want a bohemian style, it’s too simple to apply.

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BIOS INCUBE turns your ashes into a tree okorder

Bios Incubeis a biodegradable urn that turns your ashes into a tree.
want to celebrate life in different ways. Whether it is a person or a pet, a city dweller or a non-traditionalist,Bios IncubeProvides sustainable alternatives to celebrate the life cycle. They want to change the taboo topic and turn it into something that helps us remember our loved ones in a meaningful way.
The casket itself is biodegradable, it has a bacterial incubator to promote plant growth, and even has an application.
Bios Incube
has special sensors to monitor the environmental conditions of your casket, such as Light exposure, conductivity, atmosphere, soil moisture and temperature. Incubewill send information to the built-in irrigation system to help water and maintain your seedlings. This information is also sent to the app, so you can monitor the growth of the plant even if you are not there.

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